Chatting Up Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington’s schedule is manic. Aside from promoting two huge TIFF movies— The Debt and Last Night—he’s signed on to star in a boatload of giant box office productions. We are talking Commando (the remake), Clash of the Titans 2 and a newly revisited version of Dracula (where Worthington plays Vlad the Impaler). This is on top of seven other big budget flicks, including a screen version of the best selling graphic novel The Last Days of American Crime, which Worthington is also producing. Although this packed acting CV would make most stars balloon in head size, Sam has kept his small town boy/used-to-be-a-bricklayer charm intact. This isn’t mere speculation either— even though his infamous Payless shoes-wearing behavior at the Oscars would have you think so. For example, the last thing Worthington said during our in-person interview today was “I stopped reading reviews after Avatar because I started getting really vain. They were making me take less chances and giving me less choices. Now my mind is solely on getting on set and doing the work—just like I did when I was working construction in Australia.” —Elio Iannacci

Look out for more of Worthington’s wise words in an upcoming issue of FLARE.