Soul Sessions: What Crystals Celebs Swear By

If it works for Adele, it'll work for you

Before they head out the door, Hollywood’s brightest stars are dropping something mystical into their Hermès Birkins and Chanel 2.55s. Nestled between their lipstick, smartphone and bottle of coconut water are an array of crystals!

“Crystals calm you, they create protection and they give you energy,” says Debra Haugen, founder of Los-Angeles based skin-care brand Gemstone Organics. Drawing on her degree in geological engineering, Haugen blends the organic and raw plant-based ingredients that make up her line with water-infused rose quartz, moonstone, jade and rubies to create her signature face crèmes. “Each cream is targeted toward a skin type,” says the pro.

Read on to find out what crystals Victoria Beckham carries with her backstage at fashion week, what Miranda Kerr loves so much she included in her skincare line, and what crystals three other celebs get an extra dose of positive energy from.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Jade


An early adopter of all New Age health trends, Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of jade. Not only does the pale-green stone promote health and vitality but it has also been shown to be a powerful protector and help balance energies.

Victoria Beckham: Black tourmaline


Designer Victoria Beckham not only totes her skull-sculpted stone with her at all times, but the designer has given these black crystals to her team to boost positivity and act as a shield from negative energy.

Adele: Citrine


After reportedly losing her good-luck charm moments before her now-infamous Grammy performance, Adele says she won’t perform without her golden “successs stone,” which promotes luck, focus and good fortune.

Miranda Kerr: Clear quartz


The ultimate crystal for beginners, this clear stone is said to be the most powerful healer of all crystals and can amplify any energy or intention–making it a go-to for supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Reese Witherspoon: Rose quartz


Said to bring love and affection, the soft-pink stone has found favour with Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Campbell and Katy Perry, among others. Kate Hudson keeps a bowl full of heart-shaped rose quartz – a gift from mom Goldie Hawn – beside her bed.

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