These Celebs Might Love Game of Thrones Even More Than You Do

They really are just like us!

In case you don’t have a TV, WiFi connection or Twitter account, season 7 of Game of Thrones premiered on July 16 after a torturous decade-long one-year hiatus and peops were excited, to say the least. We don’t know about you, but our Instagram stories were lit with #winterishere viewing parties, and it turns out that stars *really* are just like us. Here, all the celebs who love Game of Thrones just as much—if not more—than you do and how they celebrated the return of GoT.

Zach Braff watched with Jon Snow, a.k.a. actor Kit Harington, so he pretty much wins 

Tia Mowry celebrated with a mouthwatering spread that puts every cheese board we’ve ever made to shame

Hostess with the mostest #winterishere @gameofthrones

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Josh Gad was not here for your spoilers

Sarah Hyland wished her pup was a dragon

GoT actress Gwendoline Christie—who plays sword-swinging badass Brienne of Tarth— was amped, proving that no one (even the show’s own stars) is immune to GoT fever

Leslie Jones basically read all of our minds

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay might want to pull an Ed Sheeran with a GoT guest spot 

Josh Groban popped a squat on the throne…

…and so did Grumpy Cat (LOL)

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