Zendaya Has a Colouring Book Station for De-stressing, plus How More Celebs Manage Stress

Colouring books, trampolines, journaling and music... here are some of the more creative ways celebs deal with stress

Ever have one of those days where everything is just too damn much? Same same, and according to a recent Ipsos report, more and more millennials are at risk for mental health issues. Roughly 63 percent of Canadian millennials—or one in every six of us—are at high risk for mental health issues, up from 56 percent in the previous year surveyed. Why’s that? The pollsters point to piles of student debt, precarious employment situations and rocketing costs of living, among other “difficult life circumstances” (their words, not ours). To help inspire your own stress-coping approach, we round up our fave celebrities’ stress management tips—like Zendaya’s legit colouring book nook in her house.

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