Celeb Tattoos Showcasing Canadian Pride

Shawn Mendes isn't the only Canadian celeb with ink that links him to his Northern roots

Shawn Mendes’ millions of fans blew up the Twitterverse when they found out the singer got a tattoo to commemorate his Canadian roots (and just in time for Canada Day!). As tattoo artist Livia Tsang quickly confirmed, “yes the CN Tower is in it” and “no he did not cry.” More specifically, Mendes had her create a guitar using the Toronto skyline (and a waterfront tree line we think is meant to represent Pickering, his smaller suburban hometown).

shawn mendes tattoo

And while this is one of the more creative odes to the North we’ve seen, it’s def not the first celeb tatt that reps our home and native land. Here are a few of our other faves:

Jay Baruchel: The Canadian star of Man Seeking Woman has a red maple leaf tattoo in honour of his fave hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens. (He says hockey is the closest thing he has to religion!)

Drake: The 6 god has more than one tattoo dedicated to the city he’s consistently championed (including an actual 6 god tattoo, pictured below). From the enormous 416 along his side, to the CN Tower tatted on his left arm, “Drake” and “Toronto” are basically synonyms at this point.



Ryan Reynolds: Blake Lively’s better half has a tattoo of a drawing of the Nine O’Clock gun, an old naval gun that goes off every night at 9 in Stanley Park in Ryan’s hometown of Vancouver. Who knew?

NOT Justin Bieber: With more than 50 tattoos, we definitely expected JB to show his country some love…but apparently, between the Mario Brothers ghost on his right arm and the tiger on his left, he just hasn’t found space for a Canadian tribute. We can’t lie; we’re a little disappointed.

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