Orlando Bloom's Latest Tat Is A Little Off

What does his son think?

Katherine Singh
celebrity tattoos 2020: Orlando Bloom is pictured in a yellow top and blue print blazer, laughing
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If there’s anything we know about celebs, it’s that they love inking their hearts on their sleeves (or any other part of their body). Follow along as we track all the new celebrity tattoos 2020 has to offer. If 2019 was any indication, there are sure to be some absolute gems *and* some dubious decisions.

Orlando Bloom

When it comes to parents getting tribute tats for their kids we’re all for it. And Orlando Bloom is the latest celeb to jump on the tattoo tribute train. “New tattoo can you guess who?,” the actor captioned a February 12 Instagram photo of his arm.

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new #tattoo can you guess who?

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But what might just look like a bunch of  dots and lines is actually a super sweet tribute to his son. Blooms’ newest tat is his son Flynn’s name in morse code. The only problem? It’s spelt incorrectly. As some eagle-eyed fans point out, the way the tat is now actually spells…”Frynn.” But don’t worry! According to Bloom’s tattoo artist, the pair will be fixing the tat ASAP.

Presley Gerber

Is this what they mean when they say it’s “a face only a mother could love”? Presley Gerber—brother to Kaia Gerber and son to iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford—is putting that saying to the test with his latest tattoo. The model debuted a new face tattoo by celeb tattoo artist Jon Boy on February 7. And his new body art is pretty telling; the young model had the word “MISUNDERSTOOD” inked along his right cheekbone in capital letters.

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MISUNDERSTOOD @presleygerber

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In an Instagram post, Gerber captioned a carousel of photos of himself having the ink done, writing: “Thanks homie.”

Since posting about his latest tattoo, Gerber has received backlash from people online. In an Instagram live video posted on February 8, he responded to the naysayers, saying: “You don’t know how I feel. You’re not in my head.”

Oh, and apparently his parents love it.

Amber Rose

Some people wear their heart on their sleeves…and others wear it on their forehead. Model Amber Rose took being a proud mom to the next level over the weekend, debuting two forehead tattoos on February 7 that are a tribute to her children.

(Photo: YouTube)

In a YouTube video for Cool Kicks—an LA store that sells both new and used sneakers—the model is shown with the words “Slash” and “Bash” inked just below her hairline—a reference to her two sons Sebastian Taylor and Slash Electric Alexander Edwards.

All we can say is that with a commitment to your kids like *that,* Slash and Bash better take good care of their mom in her old age.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs is back at it with the tattoos (seriously, does this man ever let his skin rest?). After announcing his new album will be out February 14, he gave Instagram a sneak preview of the new laurel wreath inked on his collarbone. His IG Stories had a full-body shot, where we can fully see the goods.

So what do all those leaves mean? E! News pointed out that laurel wreaths have been “a symbol of triumph and mobility,” but the more likely bet is that it has a religious meaning, like many of his other tattoos. “Many [view] the wreath as a symbol of God’s victory and power,” they write. According to Cosmopolitan, an article from Old Dominion University suggests it’s a symbol “for those who persevere.”

A screencap from Justin Bieber's Instagram Stories showing his full body of tats, including a large laurel wreath along his collarbone.

Lebron James

Lakers star Lebron James is paying tribute to Kobe Bryant following the death of his former teammate and his daughter Gigi who perished tragically in a helicopter crash on January 26 along with seven other people. At a Lakers workout on January 30, James was seen sporting a fresh tattoo on his thigh that appears to be a black mamba, a reference to Bryant’s nickname. According to TMZ, some fans think it says “Kobe 4 Life” underneath, though it looks more like “Mamba 4 Life” to us. Fellow Lakers player Anthony Davis also got ink remembering Bryant.

Ariana Grande

It was easy to miss Ariana Grande’s new tat during her Cinderella moment at the Grammys on January 26. The singer debuted a wispy butterfly on her upper left arm, peeking out just above her full-length opera glove. Grande has already racked up quite a tattoo collection, although many are tiny and not flashy. Is this a sign of bigger, more noticeable ink to come in 2020?

Vanessa Hudgens

Just after the end of her nine-year relationship with Austin Butler, Vanessa Hudgens went for a dainty sunflower tattoo on her left side boob. The actor posted two pictures and a video on Instagram showing off her new ink, plus an Instagram Story with Swae Lee and Post Malone’s song “Sunflower” playing in the background.

The caption of her first post reads, “And to conclude our #thirstythursday Hahahahaha.” Dragon, a well-known tattoo artist at celeb fave NYC studio Bang Bang Tattoo, was tagged and even appeared in one of the pics.

Is it a coincidence that Hudgens chose a sunflower, which sometimes signifies adoration and loyalty, right after the end of her relationship with Butler? Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but…you never know.

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The man with the plannnnn. @drag_ink

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s newly released album Rare marks a new chapter for the singer, so it only makes sense that she’d commemorate the experience in the most permanent way possible—with a new tattoo. On January 16, Gomez took to Instagram to show off her latest ink addition, the name of her album in dainty script on her neck.

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“Rare” @selenagomez

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“Did it again…rare,” the singer captioned her post. Alongside a photo of the delicate new tat, Gomez also shared a video of herself in the tattoo studio posing for photos.

The tattoo was done by celeb tattoo artist Bang Bang, who is a fave of Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. The artist has tatted Gomez several times before, most recently inking the singer with a super religious thigh tattoo before her American Music Awards performance in November 2019.

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