The Ongoing Saga of Ariana Grande’s Latest (Misspelled) Tattoo

Plus all the other new celeb ink of 2019

Tara MacInnis

Celebrities looooove adding to their extensive tattoo collections, and thanks to social media we get to see all the intricate, sometimes pretty, and often weird creations up-close. Whether they’re minimalist line drawings by Toronto-based artist-to-the-stars Curt Montgomery, or finely scrawled mantras by L.A.’s favourite, Jonathan Valena, the celeb tattoo train is an endless sources of inspo.

Scroll through to peep all the best new celeb ink from 2019 so far.

Ariana Grande

The singer is no novice when it come to tattoos, so it’s kinda surprising that she made the rookie mistake of failing to spellcheck before committing to her latest ink. In a now-deleted Insta post, Grande shared her new palm tattoo consisting of Japanese characters that she claimed say “Seven Rings,” the name of her latest single. But Twitter users were quick to point out that it actually translates to “small BBQ grill.” Oops. Grande later commented (in since-deleted tweets) that she left out some characters because the tattoo process was too painful, leading to the unintended meaning. But, she said, the placement of her new ink means it’ll fade quickly, so at least it’s not a permanent mistake. Plus, she says she’s a “huge fan of tiny BBQ grills” anyway. LOL.


The latest in this tattoo saga is the above “fix.” Grande posted the edit on her Insta stories late last night, and that “slightly better” assessment would be correct. She did get the Japanese symbol for finger in there, which gets the symbol in front of it closer to meaning ring. But, that symbol is on two different lines, so in English, that’s equivalent to having “ri” one one paragraph and “ngs” in the next. Also, Japanese characters are meant to be read right to left, not left to right, so it’s all backwards, and now reads “small charcoal grill, finger” followed by a heart symbol. Sorry, Ari, but the tat fail lives on.

Paris Jackson

On January 30, Jackson shared the latest addition to her collection of 50+ tattoos. It’s a tribute to Led Zeppelin, and it’s technically four tattoos, one for each member of the original band. Tattoo Mania in L.A. is responsible for the art, and Jackson shared it herself on Twitter after a social media break earlier this month to focus on her mental health.

Ariana Grande (again)

Bet you didn’t know Grande is obsessed with Pokémon. And what better way to solidify an obsession than with permanent body ink? This little cutie is Eevee, a character that can transform into other Pokémon characters, and it was created by L.A.-based artist Kane Navasard.

Justin Bieber

We’re pretty sure this one was done in 2018, but our first up-close look at it came courtesy of celeb-beloved tattoo artist JonBoy earlier this year. In case you can’t make it out, it says “grace,” and while that’s a relatively tame tattoo for Biebs, he sure upped the ante by putting it on his face.


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