7 Celebrities Doing Spot-On Celebrity Impressions

Christina Aguilera isn’t the only one who can do a perfect imitation of Britney Spears

On The Tonight Show recently, Christina Aguilera recently showed off her spot-on imitations of fellow pop stars Britney Spears, Cher and Shakira, but she’s not the only celeb who’s a gifted impersonator. Check out some of the most spot-on imitations of celebrities by other celebrities:

1. Ariana Grande gives Xtina a run for her money with her Britney and Shakira (and her Katy Perry is unmatched):

2. Someone hire Maya Rudolph for a No Doubt tribute band:

2. Snape, is that you?! Benedict Cumberbatch puts us under a spell with his impression of Alan Rickman:

4. The Voice host Adam Levine has us swooning over his Frank Sinatra imitation, and blows us away with his Michael Jackson and Eddie Vedder:

5. All it takes is one look for Elisha Cuthbert to turn into Renee Zellweger:

6. We’ve dug through the vast archive of Matthew McConaughey impressions, and Kate Hudson’s is definitely our favourite:

7. Who knew Alec Baldwin was more than just the straight-faced corporate exec. Jack Donaghy? He impersonates 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan perfectly: