Quiz! ScarJo's Yummy Pop, Plus Other Random Things Celebs Do

Scarlett Johansson's recently realized dream of launching a popcorn biz has us thinking of all the other celeb side hustles of late. Take our fun quiz to find out how well you know them

Scarlett Johansson has been pretty under the radar over the last several months and now we know why. Two days ago the American actress slash perennial “sexiest woman alive” list-topper launched a gourmet popcorn shop called Yummy Pop in her adopted home city of Paris. Apparently this is the realization of a long held “dream” for ScarJo. We’re not entire clear on why a millionaire actress who earns tons more from beauty endorsements needs to add “popcorn entrepreneur” to her resume, but she’s certainly not the first celeb to indulge her entrepreneurial streak.

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Take FLARE’s Celebrity Biz Quiz featuring Drizzy’s hooch, Wahlberg’s Wahlburgers and the couple formerly known as Brange to see how well you know your celeb side hustles.

1. Yummy Pop is a co-production between Scar-Jo and her French ad exec husband whose name is:
a) Romain Dauriac
b) Gaston de Plue
c) Rene-Pierre Moreau
d) Apres Ryan Reynolds

2. The Brangelina split means the end #relationshipgoals and also the end of this Jolie-Pitt side project:
a) The Brangelina film production company called Plan B
b) The Brangelina children’s book series called Party of Eight
c) The Brangelina jewellery line called Endless
d) The Brangelina wine called Provence

3. Drake’s new whisky collaboration Virginia Black set a launch day record in Ontario, selling this many bottles on its first day on shelves:
a) 552
b) 1,799
c) 3,532
d) 52,000

4. Which of the following is NOT a Kardashian family side biz?
a) A sock line from brother Rob called Arthur George
b) A women’s sexual arousal oil from mother Kris called Zestra
c) A K-mart toddler fashion line from Khloe and Kourtney called Klothes for Kids
d) A YA novel by Kylie and Kendal called Rebels: City of Indra

5. Susan Sarandon became an investor in SPIN Ping Pong Studio after she…
a) Started dating the co-founder
b) Started going there while filming The Lovely Bones in Austin, TX
c) Hosted a Hillary Clinton fundraiser there during Clinton’s 2008 run for the democratic nomination
d) Learned about the popular franchise through her son Miles Robbins

6. In an ad for his Casamigos Tequila, George Clooney wakes up in bed beside this eternally ’90s super model:
a) Heidi Klum
b) Cindy Crawford
c) Linda Evangelista
d) Kate Moss

7. Mark Wahlberg’s family burger chain Wahlburgers has locations in all but which of the following cities:
a) Boston
b) Toronto
c) Charleston
d) Miami

8. Which one of these famous Jessicas launched the unfortunately-named Au Fudge kid-friendly restaurant earlier this year?
a) Jessica Alba
b) Jessica Simpson
c) Jessica Biel
d) Jessica Jones

9. This aughties hottie has mostly disappeared from the limelight. Same goes for her/his line of stripper poles…
a) Paris Hilton
b) Wilmer Valderrama
c) Nicole Scherzinger from Pussy Cat Dolls
d) Carmen Electra

10. In 1997 Kevin Smith opened Jay and Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, N.J. The store (which still exists today) sells:
a) Comic books
b) Vinyl and tapes
c) Marijuana accessories
d) Porn

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celebrity entrepreneurs

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Answer Key:
1. Romain Dauriac
2. The Brangelina wine called Provence
3. 1,799
4. A K-mart toddler fashion line from Khloe and Kourtney called Klothes for Kids
5. Started dating the co-founder
6. Cindy Crawford
7. Miami
8. Jessica Biel
9. Carmen Electra
10. Comic books

0-3: A score almost as embarrassing as…fronting a DIY stripper pole kit.
4-7: A perfectly OK result, but then—nobody became a celebrity popcorn mogul by being just okay.
8-10: Bravo! You could start a side biz in celebrity side bizzes.* (*Probably not a great side biz idea).

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