Bieber, Harry Styles and Other Celebs Who Are Doing Isolation Right

They're masking, reading, baking and, most importantly: staying inside!

Looking for productive things to do while social distancing? Surprisingly, celebrities are setting a great example. During this time of COVID-19 quarantine, celebrities like the Biebers, who I honestly would have assumed would be out dirt biking through the streets of Los Angeles, have instead been practicing safe social distancing—and they’re not alone. From everyone’s internet BF, Harry Styles (who’s making a serious case for stocking up on face masks), to High School Musical‘s Ashley Tisdale, these celebs are doing social distancing right, and giving us some great inspo for our own time in isolation. 

If you are able to safely social distance, here are some things to do while at home. And, contrary to popular belief, you do not need to take this time to write your first book.

Spend time connecting with your loved ones

Honestly, who would have thought that eternal scallywag Justin Bieber would be the celebrity getting self-isolation right? In the few days that people have been quarantined, we haven’t seen one egged home, unicycle fall or tear-filled bike ride around NYC; instead Biebs and his wife Hailey have been holed up in their home, engaging in some nice, quality time together.

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My quarantine partner

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The couple have shared a few BTS videos of them dancing together, hanging out with their menagerie of pets and taking part in some seriously delicious-looking baking. We can probably all agree that what everyone needs right now is one or two hundred cinnamon buns, so why not take this opportunity to spend time connecting with those around you, be it your partner, family or roommates? Bake together, start a book club, play some board games or just hang out and enjoy each others company. How often do you have the opportunity to spend un-interrupted time with the people you care about most?

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Make sure to take some time for yourself, though—because *too* much time together can definitely be taxing on any relationship.

Start that TikTok career

Another great activity for this time of isolation? TikTok! If there’s one silver lining to mandatory social distancing, it’s that people over 27 no longer have to worry about being called out for being on the Gen Z-beloved social media app—because legit everyone is doing it. Since social distancing really kicked into high gear, celeb accounts have been popping up left and right on the app. Famous faces from Hailey Bieber to The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been logging on and dancing. Now’s the time to dance with abandon and LAUNCH. THAT. TIKTOK. CAREER!

Take a cue from Ashley Tisdale, who gave us some serious #TBT vibes with her March 17 High School Musical throwback. What better time is there to learn the very complicated “Renegade” dance than when you literally have nothing better to do. Looking for a wild Friday night? Pop some bubbly (or mix a fun mocktail) and learn the latest dance trend.

Face mask and learn a language (or two!)

Self-care is always important but never more so than in the middle of a pandemic. The news cycle is pretty scary right now, so it’s crucial to take some time for yourself—however that may look to you.

For Harry Styles, that means face masks with friends. In a March 19 phone interview with BBC Sounds, everyone’s internet boyfriend revealed that he’s taking his social distancing seriously (as any good heartthrob does), isolating with friends and doing “the classic quarantine stuff.”

“It’s a strange time but we’re just being careful, listening to music, playing games [and] doing some face masks,” Styles said.

Which is quarantine content we can all get behind. Styles also told the radio show that he’s taking this opportunity to learn Italian, and is taking some sign language classes online. Honestly, could this man get any better?

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While not everyone has the time to take up new hobbies during this period (you know, with WFH, homeschooling kids and trying to figure out finances), it is important to dedicate time to yourself, even if it’s just a small part of the day. So take after Styles, and soak in a bath, take some deep breaths or do a quick online workout. You won’t regret it.

Plus, face masks pretty much make your skin feel like this:

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ADORE YOU. OUT NOW. Link in Bio.

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Read (or re-read) your fave books

Another great (and intellectual) way to pass the time comes from actor Emma Roberts, who has been re-visiting some of her favourite books. In several Instagram stories shared on March 18 and 19, the American Horror Story star revealed that she’s taking this down time to sort through her books, sharing some of her favourite reads for fans in the process.

Anyone who follows Roberts’ online book club Belletrist knows she’s always on top of interesting new reads, so make sure to follow along with her monthly picks, or just raid your own bookshelf and re-read Pride and Prejudice for the 30th time (No? Is that just me?).

FaceTime your friends

Some people are stocking up on toilet paper, and others are launching talk shows. Miley Cyrus isn’t letting a pandemic stop her from spreading joy and engaging with her fans. On March 16, Cyrus announced on Instagram Live that she is launching Brightminded Live With Miley, a daily Insta live series in which she and special guests will discuss how to “bring light to a dark time.”

Guests so far have included Demi Lovato, Rita Ora and Lauren and Cameron from Love is Blind. While we’re not saying you need to go out and launch a talk show (although, you do you!), the spirit behind Cyrus’s series is definitely transferrable. Even if you’re not physically *with* someone, now’s a great time to connect via technology. Catch up with your roomies from university or FaceTime your mom (preferably a few times a day). If you do go for a quick walk, try FaceTiming your friends without headphones—it’s a new world and that’s totally socially acceptable right now!

Write a love song for your ex

This one might be specific to only a few people (*cough* The Weeknd *cough*), but with all this time on your hands, it’s inevitable that you’ll be in your feelings at some point, thinking about the one who got away who, in theory, you could have been quarantined with.

Why not tap into those emotions? Take a cue from Canada’s own Abel Tesfaye who dropped his fourth album, After Hours, on March 20.

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The album is essentially 14 songs about the singer’s ex, Bella Hadid, and how bad of a boyfriend he was to her. While it’s, TBH, not super advisable to reach out to your ex (especially if the relationship ended badly), now’s the time to work out any unresolved feelings for your own ~healing~.

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Journal, write a letter (you never send), or just have a little celebration that you’ve moved on to healthier things.

Most importantly: stay inside!

This one is arguably the most important. If you can, please stay inside!

In conclusion:

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Quarantine, but make it fabulous.

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Quarantine, but make it fabulous, friends.