When Celebs Tweet Back

In the past week, both Rose McGowan and Selena Gomez publicly called out their internet trolls—using two very different approaches

Jimmy Kimmel makes mean tweeting a celeb look like so much fun, especially when the celebs themselves can’t resist cracking up over the over-the-top insults they receive from strangers.

But some celebs aren’t really feeling the subversive humour that online commenters throw their way. Rather than turn the other cheek, they’re going toe-to-toe with trolls with mean or shaming tweets of their own.

Scream actress Rose McGowan didn’t take kindly to commenters comparing her to Michael Jackson—a not-so-subtle plastic surgery dig—after she posted a harmless pic of herself on her Instagram page this week. (The comparison is pretty nasty. According to Us Weekly, McGowan had reconstructive surgery after a car accident in 2007.)

McGowan came back with a pointed joke, writing “Has anyone stopped to think that Michael Jackson used to be black, and tried to turn himself into a white, possibly Irish person with a cleft chin and a tiny nose? I was born Irish.” Her parting shot? “So f—k off losers.”

In a similar vein, Selena Gomez took offense after a young woman reportedly called her a whore, told her to kill herself and then finished off by wishing cancer on the starlet on her Instagram page. (The comment has subsequently been deleted.)

Unlike McGowan, Gomez attempted to take the high road. She posted her reply to the girl on her Instagram page to let her fans know that she doesn’t take “bullying” lightly. “The comment you left about cancer was absurd. How distasteful of a young woman,” Gomez wrote. She ended her firm, teachable moment with: “Be an amazing woman. You’re beautiful.”

Given the trend of celebs reaching out and slapping down jerky commenters,  Jimmy Kimmel may want to update his segment from Celebs Reading Mean Tweets to Celebs Mean Tweeting. Now that’s something we’d want to watch.