Caylee Wasilenko Wins Canada's Best Beauty Talent

The hairstylist's daring and intricate 'dos won her Canada's Best Beauty title

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

After weeks of competitive beauty challenges, hairstylist Caylee Wasilenko has come out on top as Canada’s Best Beauty Talent. Her daring choices and intricate technique ultimately beat out Marcia Garnes, who holds the Best Makeup Talent title, and ten other finalists.

Wasilenko, along with the prestigious title, has won a trip to Paris to experience the world of L’Oreal Paris. Both Wasilenko and Garnes each won editorial spreads in FLARE, HELLO! Canada and LOULOU magazine, and their portfolios will be reviewed and critiqued by the editors. They will also create a beauty blog to appear on Chatelaine.com and attend the Toronto International Film Festival with the L’Oreal team.

The thousands of votes that came in were apparently very close, but Caylee is glad for the support and excited for her future ventures.

“It’s so great to have had so much support from viewers and friends – it’s amazing to have all those people behind you! And it was great to be in the finale with Marcia,” says Wasilenko. “We were partners right at the beginning and we had great energy then. I felt the finale was a great expression of what I like to do with hair.” — Christian Allaire

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