Canadian Tennis Star Milos Raonic Comes Home

Tennis's breakout star Milos Raonic returns home to Toronto for the first time since breaking Canadian tennis records.

Milos Raonic returned home for the first time this week to a hero’s welcome. In a press conference at the Lacoste boutique on Bloor Street in Toronto, the remarkably poised 20-year-old, who’s become Canada’s top-ranked male singles player of all time, said rocketing 105 spots since the season began is only the beginning of what he intends to achieve.

“I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done,” the Torontonian says. “I’m very happy with it, but it’s not where I want to be. I want to be higher and I want to achieve more. I’m hungry to pick up more wins to keep getting better and to keep improving.”

Before he returns to a grueling tennis schedule that will culminate with the French Open in May, he’s appreciating quality time at home with his parents, and savouring his mom’s home cooking. “A lot of people take their time at home for granted and wish they were on vacation more often, but when you’re on the road for so long you start to miss these kinds of things,” he says. “It’s no fun to go into a restaurant every day, especially when not every meal is coming out the same, and you can’t find a restaurant you want in whatever city you may be in.”

Milos has teamed up with Lacoste as one of the label’s “Ambassadors.” He wears it well today, articulately fielding questions while dressed in a checkered blue and white polo, deep blue jeans, and light blue Lacoste sneakers. He gives Lacoste full credit for any fashion points he’s scored, but it’s tennis where he shines as a true ambassador.

“I only hope that parents and kids see what’s possible in tennis, and that it’s possible in Canada, and that this helps pull over some of the amazing athletes that go into hockey,” he says. Rather than claim all the glory as Canada’s top-ranked tennis pro for himself, Raonic longs for the day when he can have some company at the top. “I see no reason why there shouldn’t be a few Canadian men and women at the top of tennis,” he says.