Canada’s Best Beauty Talent's Final Two: Marcia and Caylee Speak

FLARE chats with the two finalists of the beauty competition series

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent’s Facebook

Ready, set, style. After making it this far in Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, makeup artist Marcia Garnes and hairstylist Caylee Wasilenko now face off as the final two competitors, with public online voting deciding who will be named the ultimate ‘Best Beauty Talent.’ FLARE sat down with the two to get their thoughts on the show, beauty trends, and the industry. – Christian Allaire

Q: Everyone seemed to get along on the show. Was it a different story backstage?

Marcia: Everyone was awesome on set, I can’t complain. There was no cattiness. There was always this level of respect.

Caylee: I think that the producer was hoping to create a little more drama. He said, “You’re not here to make friends–you’re all competing against each other.” But we actually had a really good energy for the most part.

Q: How was the judging process? Did you always agree with them?

Marcia: The judging is a very difficult process because that is something that’s very unlike real life. You don’t have eight people that are pretty established in the industry critiquing you.

Caylee: A lot of what the judges had said I agreed with, so I didn’t feel offended by it.

Q: What was your favourite or least favourite look that you did on the show?

Marcia: The look that frustrates me the most would probably be the summer cover of FLARE because I knew that I wanted to add a lip colour, but time was definitely an issue.

Caylee: My favourite look that I did was definitely the first look, the Hollywood icon. I thought that the model was great, the clothing, the look came together really well.

Q: What’s the biggest misconception about being a hair/makeup artist, or the beauty industry in general?

Marcia: I think being a makeup artist can be seen as a vanity or that you are promoting being fake. I see makeup as just a tool, a mere accessory that somebody can use. If someone were to feel like they can’t walk out of the house without makeup on, that’s a problem.

Caylee: There’s still the stigma that hairstylists are all partiers and beauty school dropouts. But I think people are starting to see that the beauty industry is becoming more and more respected, and that our careers are pretty much recession-proof.

Q: What are some of your favourite hair or makeup trends this season?

Marcia: I’ve always been a fan of dewy skin. There was a slight comeback for the matte look and the matte lip, but very few people can really pull that off.

Caylee: It’s starting to be a little bit overdone now, but I like the ombre,  foliage highlight look. I love the faux-bob. With a haircut I like cutting a bob on the top of longer hair, so that the person can pin the long hair underneath and wear it as short hair.

Q: A lot of people will notice hair before makeup. Is there an unfair advantage there?

Marcia: With Caylee I really respect what she does, because she likes to do things with a little more flair. In the last episode I just did what I do best. I think I do clean, beautiful makeup extremely well, and to have makeup not look like makeup is a surprisingly difficult skill.

Caylee: I think it’s hard to choose between a hair and makeup artist, because they’re so different. It’s like judging apples and oranges. I just hope the public appreciated my work throughout the show and liked what I did.

Be sure to vote for your favourite finalist at www.bestbeautytalent.com. Votes are limited to once a day, and the grand-prize winner (a trip to Paris!) will be announced on May 25.