Camila Cabello's New Collab is the Song of Summer

The 20-year-old teamed up with Major Lazer, Travis Scott and Quavo—and we're so here for it

Camila Cabello performs at an ACLU benefit gig at the Staples Centee in Los Angeles; here we round up 10 Camila Cabello facts you probably didn't know; inline image.

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Camila Cabello has been killing the 2017 music game with one hit after another. Now, she’s at it again—this time with “Know No Better,” a Major Lazer and Travis Scott collab. We’re gonna have it on repeat allllll summer.

This track comes on the heels of her music video for “Crying in the Club”, which was released last week. Girl, we can’t keep up, but keep ’em coming.

The 20-year-old has been garnering a lot of attention since breaking away from X-Factor band Fifth Harmony last year, and we aren’t complaining. Cuban-born Cabello has one of the best voices we’ve heard in a looong time and owns some of the hottest dance moves—even Demi Levato declared her the group’s unsung hero. Recently, Cabello blew our minds at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards, where she performed alongside Pitbull, J Balvin and some legit flame machines. (Her killer kimono-inspired outfit didn’t hurt, either.) If that wasn’t reason enough to love Cabello, the it-girl creates (and shares) her own mood-inspired Spotify playlists on the DL. Obsessed yet? Here’s 10 other facts you probably didn’t about the super-talented artist.

1. She used to be a huge introvert and  had serious anxiety before her X-Factor audition

2. She’s totally obsessed with Harry Potter (and if HP has any taste, the feelings should be mutual)

ready for my first day of quidditch, been a good day at the house of gryffindor, despite snape being really annoying

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3. She’s a huge soccer fan and roots for Brazil’s national football team

#CamilaPutYourBrazilShirtOn done. eu te amo

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4. She knows how to play guitar and actually writes a lot of her own music, too


5. Instead of having a quinceañera, she asked her mom to let her audition for The X Factor (which turned out to be much better than any party)


6. A transgender fan named herself after Camila


7. Taylor Swift, who’s also Camila’s BFF, threw her 18th birthday party


8. As if Camila couldn’t get anymore charming, she also adores children and spends a lot of her time giving back to the community

So today I had the most incredible visit to the Bronx and got to meet the beautiful angels of the Children’s Health Fund. @chfund works to bring healthcare to children and families living in poverty in the United States. Can you imagine how many families can’t afford health care and how many children whose health isn’t properly taken care of because of their financial issues? I met with the team of doctors, nurses and administrators who work every day purely because of their dedication to their mission… to improve these families’ lives. They’re working to make sure kids aren’t missing school because they’re too hungry and can’t afford food, or have asthma and can’t afford to treat it. Seeing the rush of kids that come on their own from other countries and have no papers or money, they made special programs dedicated to trauma centers for them, legal advice, they even help the parents find English classes. They all can find help at the Children’s Health Fund. Not only a team of amazing doctors but a family of people wanting to see them excel. They are really working to bring the best facilities and the most supportive and loving environment to families living in poverty and nobody is ever turned away. These guys are heroes making a difference… I was awed by their work today and hope you guys can check it out.

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9. She enjoys the occasional skinny-dip

todavía me ves en tus sueños?

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10. And, finally, she’s not perfect (almost, though)

21st century technology is solely made for snapchatting dentist appointments

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