Calling All 'Shippers: 6 Hot Celebrity Could-Be Couples

In which we play Cupid for the rich and famous (like they need our help)

celebrity couples

You’re gonna win, I’m gonna win, let’s win together… (Photo: Rex Shutterstock)

Brie Larson + Leonardo DiCaprio
Yes, we know Brie has a boyfriend whom she often thanks publicly, but this is Hollywood. Having a boyfriend practically means you are single (especially if they’re non-famous). Thanks to a gut-wrenching performance in Room, Brie is poised for Oscar (it’s a tough category, but she has the momentum), so we wouldn’t be mad to see her hook up with fellow nominee Leo D. His years of being a major player with models hasn’t yielded a serious relationship since Gisele, and dare we say he’s getting tired of combing the Victoria’s Secret catalogue for next season’s prospects? (Or maybe that’s just part of his Oscar strategy…)


Nick’s all, “Hey Hil, I’ve got something for you…” (Photos left: Yu Tsai/Flaunt; right: Rex Shutterstock)

Nick Jonas + Hilary Duff
After dating Olivia Culpo, he had an “unbelievable connection” with Kate Hudson (AKA hot sex), and has now reportedly moved on to Lily Collins. Hard to believe this grown up tween star used to wear a purity ring. Clearly he’s not ready for Ms. Right (just Ms. Tonight), but he would make for a fun and carefree hook-up. You know who could probably use that after a divorce in which she had to pay her multi-millionaire husband a chunk of change? Hilary Duff. She deserves a hot rebound. We can just picture them bonding over drinks and Disney-bashing.


“But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms…Then baby, I’m perfect” (Photos: Rex Shutterstock)

Lily James + Harry Styles
From Downton Abbey to Cinderella t Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (out today), James has proven that she has the “posh rebel” thing down pat. And while she’s rumoured to be dating PPZ co-star Matt Smith, we don’t see no glass slipper on her foot. We do see the potential for franchise stardom (like KStew or JLaw), and she’ll need the high-profile romance to go with it. Perhaps fellow Brit Harry Styles could do the trick?


Keke + John. Make this happen, universe (Photo: singersroom.com)

John Boyega + Keke Palmer
At just 23, John Boyega has gone from largely unknown to the breakout face of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He crushed the role of Stormtrooper-turned-hero Finn, winning over audiences and silencing fanboy haters who didn’t want the series to diversify. Although his Hollywood stock has risen, we don’t hear much about his personal lifewhy so shy John? Left to our imagination, we think there’s a formidable quadruple threat who would make a fine red carpet companion: Keke Palmer. She can slay from the big screen to the stage (and everywhere in between) with a resume that includes playing Cinderella on Broadway and Marty in Grease Live!, starring in cult hit Scream Queens, and being the youngest ever talk show host with BET’s Just Keke. They already know each other, too: a trailer for their indie film Imperial Dreams was released in January. It’s a power couple made in galaxy far, far away.


Guys, Gugu and Nicholas look SO good together! (Photos: Rex Shutterstock)

Gugu Mbatha-Raw + Nicholas Hoult
When it comes to the gorgeous Gugu, if you don’t know, it’s time you did, thanks to a coveted spot on the cover on Vanity Fair‘s 2016 Hollywood Issue. And although her role as Will Smith’s wife in Concussion didn’t quite make her a household name,  her calendar is pretty full for 2016: Miss Sloane with Jessica Chastain, The Whole Truth with Keanu Reeves and Renee Zellwegger and Free State of Jones with Matthew McConaughey. Seeing as she’s so in-demand, she needs a boy who can keep up with her hectic schedule and skyrocketing profile. We nominate Nicholas Hoult, who has been through the whole “stratospheric fame” thing with Jennifer Lawrence, and didn’t seem bothered by it one bit.


Our boo Michael would B just right for Dakota (see what we did there?) (Photos: Rex Shutterstock)

Dakota Johnson + Michael B. Jordan
Like Gwyneth and Drew before her, Dakota comes from Hollywood stock (her father is Don Johnson, her mother Melanie Griffith). She bared it all as virginal Anastasia in 50 Shades of Grey, but there’s more to Dakota’s repertoire than light BDSM with a side of lip biting. Look for her to take on more rom-com fare, like the upcoming How To Be Single (which is getting a lot of positive buzz). Growing up in a famous family has made her weary of the paparazzi, so we think the similarly low-key (but hella ambitious) Michael B. Jordan, who finally had the hit he deserves with Creed, would be a perfect match.

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