Caitlin Cronenberg: The Ghosts of TIFFs Past

Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg gives us an insider's view of the film fest


Photo by Henny Garfunkel

Photographer Caitlin Cronenberg will be giving us an insider’s look at the Toronto International Film Festival. Follow her adventures here.

I’ve been having this feeling.
You know that feeling?
That feeling in the pit of your stomach, beginning around the first week of
August… It’s still sunny, maybe you’re at a cottage and you don’t quite pay
any attention to it. You go along with your life as if the feeling doesn’t
exist. Fine. All good.
About the second week of August you get an email… Maybe you’re still at that
cottage, your cell reception is cutting in and out but it works for just
long enough to read that email. It says something about something,
somewhere…. You see the word “September” and immediately dismiss it. Out of
sheer curiosity you glance again and see a familiar four-letter acronym. You
know you’ve seen this before. But, but, it’s only August! You promptly throw
your phone in the lake. There. That should take care of it.
Sorry kids, you can’t escape it. It’s TIFF. You know that for the next 10
days you will eat nothing but hotel hospitality suite food, hors d’oeuvres,
and candy.  You know that for the next 10 days if you get to bed before 3 a.m.
you will feel confident that you will be able to survive the next day. You
know that if you’re lucky, your wonderful PR friends will invite you into
their glorious gifting lounges to play amongst the fancy folks, and you may
just walk out with a bag of magical things. Sometimes pie.
You can count on the fact that sometimes, Joaquin Phoenix will think it
would be funny to autograph your arm with a Sharpie. I’ve heard that
sometimes, you will end up running down the street with a barefoot Kathleen
Robertson (you know, Clare from Beverly Hills, 90210?), trying to catch a
cab from one overwhelming party to the next. And on occasion, Philip Seymour
Hoffman will say he likes your foot tattoo… But that may be a once in a
lifetime kind of thing.
You know, maybe it’s not going to be so bad.
Take a deep breath, and count to 11.
Bring it on, TIFF.
Bring. It. On.

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