Caitlin Cronenberg: Partying With Clooney (And Everyone Else In Hollywood)

Caitlin Cronenberg finds herself amid TIFF's A-listers (and some wicked mini grilled cheeses) at Soho House.

So where were we? Red carpet, green room, candy, clapping, and now it’s party time! Let’s go!

After the premiere of A Dangerous Method (a David Cronenberg, a.k.a. “Dad,” joint), we were ushered out of Roy Thomson Hall and escorted to a fleet of big black cars. When I asked where we were going I was surprised to learn that our destination was about a block away. Yet on we drove, and it took us 20 minutes to get there. Oh TIFF. I had never heard of the Soho House, an international members-only club that opens a Toronto location during TIFF, but this is not surprising given that I am usually a hermit for the other 11 months and 20 days of the year.

The party started off slowly but before long it was in full swing. Eventually I learned that there was another floor, and the adventurous side of me decided to abandon the safety of my floor (where there were, you guessed it, mini grilled cheeses!) and investigate. What awaited me there was anything but grilled cheese.

So how do you know you are at the coolest party in town? When you look to the right and Bono is there, then you look to the left and George Clooney is having a laugh.
After making extensive pro/con lists, my friend and I decided to introduce ourselves. Clooney, as if expecting us, greeted us warmly and graciously engaged in conversation for an appropriate amount of time. That guy is just a class act. Good handshake too. Smells like elderberries (or not).

While neither George (we’re clearly on a first name basis now) nor Bono were actually present at the screening of the film, Mr. Clooney did express his excitement to see it in the near future. He told me how he sees all of my dad’s movies. While this was going on, Bono was busy telling my parents how much he loves Toronto, and calling TIFF “the people’s festival.” Not bad!

Apart from the Clooney adventure the highlight of my night was when Martina Sorbara of Dragonette was rocking out to her own song, “Hello”, a personal favourite of mine.

The number of celebrities at the party was insane. Ryan Gosling, Jon Hamm, Alexander Skarsgard, Evan Rachel Wood and Kirsten Dunst were apparently there, along with Method stars Keira Knightley and Sarah Gadon. So yeah, basically it was the party of the year. No big deal.

I did not attempt to talk to Bono.