Buck 65

2006 Juno nominee for Songwriter of the Year

Featured Artist: Buck 65
2006 Juno nominee for Songwriter of the Year

FLARE: What’s your desert-island album?
Buck65: My desert-islander is a lesser known roots reggae record by a group called The Congos. The album is called ‘Heart of the Congos’ and it’s perfect.

F: What’s the one item you can’t leave home without?
B65: My shoes, maybe. Or my keys. Without them I wouldn’t be able to get back in. I also find that my Swiss Army knife comes in handy in all sorts of situations. My iPod is pretty crucial too. Oops, that’s four.

F: What’s your biggest fashion pet peeve?
B65: I really can’t deal with white socks in most cases. They look kinda cool on Mexican gangsters though…

F: What’s your most prized material possession?
B65: Can I say my record collection? Or my bicycle, which I built myself.

F: What’s the coolest place in Canada you have ever been to? Why?
B65: Halifax is enormously underrated in it’s coolness. I don’t just say that because it’s my home town. Tofino is pretty great as well..

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