House of Bublé
One croons, the other acts – there must be some magic in the water at home



I’ve seen the film, and it’s dark, funny, interesting and well acted,” gushes Canadian crooner Michael Bublé. He’s talking about Crossing – an unconventional thriller in which the worlds of mobsters and cross-dressers collide – starring his baby sis, Crystal. The talented siblings are opposites in many ways: Michael is a charismatic showman; Crystal is shy and most content in the world of small film. Sibling rivalry? Hardly. They definitely have at least one thing in common: they’re big fans of one another.
An accomplished dancer, Crystal turned to acting at 15 after suffering a serious ankle injury. She started as an extra, rising steadily with credits that include the feature films Rollercoaster and Christina’s House. With an off-kilter plot that called for quirky sex scenes and campy stripteases, Crossing is no doubt her most challenging role yet. “I took a really big leap. I was so afraid to do it, and I did it.” Making quite an impressive landing.

What’s next? Not Hollywood. Crystal is adamant about pursuing a career in Canadian independent film in the same vein as fellow British Columbia native Molly Parker. “Molly is my idol! I want to do the work she does,” she insists. “I’m happy with the way my life is just the way it is. Michael can be famous. I’ll go on tour with him; everyone can ask for his autograph instead of mine,” she laughs.

As for her brother, he’s in a pretty good place too. His latest disc is arguably his best work to date. “I feel like my voice is maturing and I’m getting more confident in myself,” he says. The two original tracks on the album, “Lost” and “Everything,” showcase this growth and give the chart-topping “Home” a run for its money. “I’m really proud to be his sister,” says Crystal. “His new CD is so good that it makes me cry.” It seems, with the mutual admiration these two have for each other, fans are just a bonus.