K-Pop Group BTS Has Rebranded, But Their Name Is Staying the Same

BTS released a new logo on July 4 and everyone thinks they've changed their name to Beyond the Scene. Here, we get to the bottom of the rumours

K-pop group BTS posing together in matching maroon suits at the K-Pop Awards in 2015

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On July 4, K-Pop group BTS unveiled a new logo, sparking a rumour that the beloved band is changing their name to Beyond the Scene. Since exploding onto the North American music scene after winning Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, the group’s brand identity has undergone a transformation. But have they really changed their name? Not exactly.

We put on our detective caps and did some social media investigating to get to the bottom of the BTS name change rumour. Here’s everything we know so far.

The name change rumours began with a “leaked statement”

The buzz about BTS copping a new name can be traced back to Digital Music News. The entertainment website claims they received a “leaked” formal statement on July 1 from a staff member of the band’s label, Big Hit Entertainment. Apparently, the statement said the band would be changing their name to BTX to appeal to a wider audience. However, there’s no indication of this change on the band’s formal website or social media.

The BTS logo has definitely changed

The band’s dramatic rebranding includes a new logo for themselves and a logo for their fanbase, ARMY, signifying a strong connection between the band and their fans. In a video released on July 4 introducing the new logos, BTS member Kim Nam-joon (a.k.a. Rap Monster) says “Beyond the scene,” which is what initially sparked the name change rumour. Take a peek below.

Here’s how their old and new logos compare:

BTS recently tweeted about their “brand identity” change—but never mentioned an official name change

The July 4 tweet, written in Korean, reads, “I really like the new BI [Brand Identity]. I can’t wait to show you. Above all, us and ARMY becoming one together has so much meaning that it makes us feel good.”

The group already goes by multiple names, which isn’t unusual for K-Pop groups

On July 5, Koreaboo reported that the band will still be known by their Korean name, Bangtan Sonyeondan, or 방탄소년단, which translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts. K-Pop news source AllKPop said the band is introducing themselves as Beyond the Scene in order to deviate from the direct English translation of their Korean name. But this doesn’t signify an official change from BTS; they’re simply introducing a new nickname.

BTS fans have been quick to remind us that Beyond the Scene is just an English nickname to go with their rebrand.

And lots of people are excited about it.

So, there you have it. Beyond the Scene a nickname, just like Bulletproof Boy Scouts was. But will BTS be officially changing their name to Beyond the Scene? Our research speaks for itself and the answer is…

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