“Brokenhearted” Singers Karmin On Staying Together In The Spotlight

Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann talk about their breakout summer: “it’s every minute of every day for us.”

Karmin in Gap's Fall 2012 campaign

Photo Courtesy of Gap

Photo Courtesy Sony

How did American pop band Karmin spend their summer vacation? They released their debut disc Hello, shot a fall campaign for the Gap, and had their summer hit “Brokenhearted” go platinum in countries around the world, including Canada. FLARE caught up with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan on a rooftop patio in Toronto where the offstage fiancés confessed what it’s like in the eye of the storm.

FLARE: You’ve been in the studio—are you working on a new album?
Nick Noonan: We put out the Hello EP, and now we’re filling that out. We are going to add another five or six songs to it. They’re talking November.

F: You are in the finals against Rita Ora for Rolling Stone’s Women Who Rock cover. I will tell you my two questions based on the comments on YouTube. One, is it weird for you, Nick, to be in the Women Who Rock competition?
NN: I look great in heels.
Amy Heidemann: He does. He looks better in pants than I do too. Nick has a great, um, backside.
What do they call it? Posterior? J.Lo doesn’t have shit on me.

F: Question two: all of the comments say, “Nick is so hot!” Is that weird for you Amy?
AH: Absolutely not! That is one of the most exciting things about this, is I scored a really great dude! It’s not just girls—we have done the entire gay Pride circuit in the states.
NN: My entire life I’ve been hit on ten to one guys to girls.

F: I wonder what the deal is with that. Do you have theories on that?
NN: Posterior.

F: You’re together all the time—how do you support each other?
NN: A lot of it is just chemistry. I have no idea how we are able to do this. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Most normal couples see each other in the morning before they go to work, they go to work all day, and then they see each other all night. It’s every minute of every day for us.
AH: And there are times when we have disagreements. We are together all day, but we don’t actually talk to each other. It’s been a lot of listening, compromising… but thankfully we have grown together rather than apart.

F: And you have said it’s great to have someone to share it with, that you have all the same memories.
NN: Absolutely. If you do SNL, or you sit down with Kanye West, how do you tell someone about that? You can tell someone about it but it doesn’t come anywhere close to describing what it was like.
AH: We always say if we have kids it’s going to be the craziest stories. Their parents are going to be really weird.

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