Britney Spears Wears Canadian

The pop star takes to the stage in a footwear creation by Winnipeg's Julie Pedersen

She’s Got FLARE girl Julie Pedersen recently emailed us with exciting news. During a pit stop in Winnipeg for her Femme Fatale tour, Britney Spears took such a liking to Pedersen’s spats from her Muckies collection, she donned the furry foot-coverings onstage. While the pop star has never been a fashion plate, we approve of her thoughtful nod to Canadiana. Referencing both Western Canada rodeo culture and the traditional mukluks worn by the Inuit and First Nations people, Pedersen’s spats can be worn over a variety of shoe styles for a unique look. Spears clearly agrees they are indeed versatile – her manager contacted the designer shortly after the show to express the their love of the clever design. Applause all around.