Brad Smith Is One Fine Looking All-Canadian Bachelor

Meet the first Canadian bachelor to lead the hit series next season

2012 CityTV Brad Smith Is One Fine Looking All-Canadian Bachelor

Photo Courtesy of Citytv

The first-ever Canadian Bachelor has finally been announced: 28-year-old CFL player Brad Smith. Currently a free agent—in more ways than one—Smith is a tall, dark and chiseled Queen’s University grad who is “taking time off from sports to find true love.”
Which begs the question, What’s he doing on The Bachelor? We jest. Smith, like all those who came before him, is convinced he’ll find his future wife on the show—which airs this fall on CityTV.
We’ll believe it when we see it, but this doesn’t mean we won’t be watching every step of his “journey.” (Not to mention all the mean-girling, crying jags and “I never thought it would be this hard” comments that are guaranteed to go down.) Tune into Flare.com after each dramatic rose ceremony for our take on the episode.

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