Is TV Dad Bob Saget Moonlighting as a Hot Sauce Model?

In the words of Uncle Jesse: have mercy!

Do you ever sit back and wonder what happened to the man who basically raised you? Do you miss his flowing chestnut locks and ridiculous dad jokes? Do you still feel that as the patriarch of a sitcom where every single character had multiple catchphrases, he damn well deserved at least one of his own? (He was robbed, TBH.) I’m of course referring to Full House’s Danny Tanner, also known as Bob Saget, the man who guided ’80s babies through the world from 1987 to 1995 and made his return to the small screen in Netflix’s revival last year.

Well, between parenting North America’s children and writing the world’s filthiest standup sets, it looks like Bob might have done a little light modelling on the side. Behold, Bob Saget hot sauce model:

It was Bob himself who noticed his striking resemblance to the Cholula hot sauce woman.

Yes, we really have reached peak internet, @danicalo. 

This dude has an interesting theory.

Not everyone is here for it.


Don’t ever change, Danny Tanner.


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