Black, White and Glamorous


The Detroit Institute of Arts is one of my favourite spaces and the newly renovated establishment holds some of the most coveted pieces in the art world, including Van Gogh, Monet, and it’s best known Rivera Court – a custom mural by Mexican artist Diego Rivera on the motor city.

Currently the DIA is housing work of a fashionable nature. Avedon Fashion Photographs 1944-2000 is a brilliant trip through the career of famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon. From black and white prints capturing the glamour of Paris in the 40s and 50s (the models’ “new look” Dior suits and Balenciaga gowns will make you swoon), to more recent shots of a young Kate Moss in a sheer Versace blouse, the exhibit is a strong tribute to one of the best.

Look for glass tables filled with original Harper’s Bazaar magazines with story boards and a brief look into how magazines used to be copied and pasted together long before the days of Macintosh.

The exhibit – which runs until January 17th – is well-worth a hip, skip, and jump over the border during the holiday season. —L.L.