Billy Talent

Juno 2007: Billy Talent
We caught up with lead singer Ben Kowalewicz for a pre-Juno chat

FLARE: Congratulations on your nomination! How do you feel?
Ben Kowalewicz: We’re flattered. It’s nice to have people acknowledge you and all your hard work. We haven’t stopped touring in 10 months, so it’s nice to get a pat on the bum to say “good work”.

F: Interesting album title [Billy Talent II]. How did you come up with it?
BK: We’re very clever and very deep.

F: What are your thoughts about heading to Saskatoon ?
BK: We’re stoked! It’s great in Saskatoon. The fans and the people are great.

F: What’s the best place to hang out in Saskatoon ?
BK: I recommend going to see Billy Talent, wherever we play. Whatever you do, just dress warm and bring your good liver.

F: What do you think of this year’s host, Nelly Furtado?
BK: I don’t know if she can fill Pam’s shoes – I’m kidding. I’ve heard great things about her. She seems to be a very talented young woman.

F: What are you thoughts on this year nominees?
BK: I am glad to see a band like Alexisonfire in there. There’s not a nicer bunch of guys, or harder working ones. For them to get a nod is great. I’m also glad to see the Hip nominated. Oh – and K-os is going to be there! That will be great.  

F: What do you think of think of the charge that the Junos only reward “the mainstream” and that that is bad for the scene?
BK: I think there’s an old 80s mentality of selling out, I don’t think it’s even that big of a deal. The quality and caliber of the music should speak louder than anything.

F: What do you think of all the free music floating around the internet?
BK: At the beginning we were against it, now we’re pro. File sharing and all of that is cool. The fact is that in between records, we can post to myspace. That means, that now, we can roll into Denmark and play a packed show – mostly of people who find us, find us on the computer.

– Kali Pearson