Nochella for Beyoncé: The Funniest Twitter Reactions

ICYMI, Beyoncé just cancelled her Coachella performance and the Beyhive literally cannot even. Here, the funniest—and most *dramatic*—Twitter reactions to the news

It was not that surprising—she is pretty pregnant with not one, but two beybies—but the Beyhive still could not process yesterday’s news that Beyoncé had pulled out of her much-anticipated Coachella performance. Twitter went through a rollercoaster of emotions when Queen Bey dropped the bombshell that she was skipping the festival on doctor’s orders but would be back to headline in 2018, and then imploded even more after a widely-believed hoax—that “Cash Me Outside Girl” would be replacing her as the headliner—made the rounds. Here, the Beyhive endures the five stages of grief and then finally finds humour despite the pain.







Finding humour in the pain:




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