8 Things Beyoncé Definitely Bought at Target

Only the essentials

In the latest “Stars, they’re just like us” news, Beyoncé was spotted shopping at Target yesterday. It just goes to show that no one can resist a deal, not even the (arguably) most famous person in the world—whose net worth is a cool $355 million.

Props to this bystander for snapping a shot of Queen Bey (possibly from the ground?) in that amazing orange jumpsuit, which is a far cry from the leggings and hoodies we shop in.

If you, too, want to experience the shock and awe that comes with seeing Beyoncé at Target, apparently the Westwood, L.A. location is the place to be—it’s the second time she’s been spotted there in the past 12 months.

But what the heck was she buying on this trip? Multi-packs of socks for Jay? Diapers for Rumi and Sir? We’ll likely never know, but that doesn’t mean we won’t speculate on what landed in that red shopping cart trailing behind her.

From essentials, like something in which to store her spectacular vow renewal gown, to millennial must-have beverages, here are the eight items we bet Beyoncé snagged on her Monday Target run.


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