All the Times Betty White Was Living Our Best Life For Us

In honour of the most #relatable Golden Girls’ 95th birthday, we've compiled a list of all the times Betty White has us screaming YAASSSS, QUEEN!

Let’s be honest: Betty White is our fave celeb because she’s never afraid to say what’s on her mind. Over the decades, she’s been open about her sexuality and her love of vodka and she doesn’t give AF if anyone tries to shut her down. In celebration of this boss bitch’s 95th birthday (!), here are some of the best Betty White moments from over the years.

1. That time she perfected the dab

2. That time she got further with Chris Evans than we ever will

3. That time she was on SNL and didn’t take shit from anybody

4. Like we said: Voice. Of. The. PEOPLE.

5. That time she had all the game

6. I mean…

7. So. Much. Game!

8. That time she gave us all a lesson in clap-back etiquette

9. …and threw some of the best shade we’ve seen to date

10. #important

11. Like that time she slayed us with her dance moves

12. …again

13. …and again

14. But let’s bring it all back to what really matters: that game!

15. Slay, queen!

16. And, most importantly, when she reminded us she was the most relatable celeb of all time

Thanks for everything, Betty White!

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