Betty Cooper's Brother Is a Snack, Full Stop

Pardon me, but Hart Denton is coming to Riverdale and is 100-percent guaranteed to make you forget all your other crushes

Betty Cooper’s brother is going to show up in Riverdale aaaaaaaany day now and in anticipation, we’ve been trolling the interwebs to learn as much as poss about the man behind the bro. His name is Hart Denton and you’ll be delighted to learn, he is not hard on the eyes. But he’s more than just a hottie, ‘K? Denton, 24, likes to take photos, is extremely sweet to his little sister and has been modelling for years. Here, a few facts we learned from heavily researching Denton’s Instagram (plus, everything we know about his Riverdale character).

Riverdale is only his third acting gig…

riverdale bound

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Past credits include the role of James in Fun Mum Dinner, opposite Toni Collette and Molly Shannon, and a spot on one episode of Lethal Weapon so it’s safe to say the ‘dale is a major career move.

… because he’s been p. busy being a ridiculously good-looking model

goodbye old life

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no patience

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How are you?

He’s also a photographer

mom’s camera from high school

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More than a pretty face, y’all.

He has a GF

let’s run away and be farmers

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Her name is Sunny and she’s a model and they are really flippin’ cute. (He even captioned a pic of her on his IG “my lil christmas angel” so I am deceased.)

And his name on Riverdale is Chic Cooper so we can all just go home

introducing chiggie, the riverdale rap duo

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Chic! I live for this name, LIVE! I mean, I don’t totally *get* it but I still love it. Viewers only found out about Chic’s existence in the Season 1 finale when it came out that B-Coop’s mom (and former Serpent!?) Alice gave up a baby for adoption in high school and we know little more than that. Which leads me to… 


grandad’s jacket, grandad’s records

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While many signs point to Chic being a bad boy (those face tats, tho!), who will wear a serpent moto jacket or, oh, I don’t know, a black ski hood, he sure does look almost better than Archie Andrews himself in that varsity jacket. Many fans are v. v. v. convinced that either Chic is the Black Hood or that Chic and Betty are the BH togeths and it’s almost too much to consider. A couple other questions weighing heavily at the mo: will Chic automatically be a north sider like his sis or will he pledge allegiance to the south? Will Chic be Cheryl Blossom’s love interest or cause dramz for Varchie? And most perhaps pressing, if he dates Cheryl, will their couple portmanteau just be Cheryl?! Watch this space for everything we learn about our new, mysterious and super ~chic~ crush

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