Your Fave One Tree Hill Character Is Joining Grey's Anatomy

Nope, this is NOT a drill

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CUE UP ALL YOUR TEARS, FOLKS—this is bound to be a heart-wrenching storyline. How could Shonda Rhimes welcome Bethany Joy Lenz (a.k.a. Haley James freakin’ Scott) into the Grey’s Anatomy universe without making it traumatic?!

You heard me—One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy are coming together in the crossover we defs didn’t know we needed.

The Hollywood Reporter reported earlier this week that Lenz will join the cast as Jenny for a mini arc in Season 14. Excited yet?

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It’s almost like—spoiler alert!—Rhimes knew we would be v. broken up about the recent departure of Aussie hottie Martin Henderson (a.k.a. Nathan Riggs) from Grey Sloan Memorial. In case ya missed it, Riggs was reunited with his longtime boo, Megan Hunt, after she went MIA while deployed in Iraq. Riggs, Megan’s brother Owen and pretty much everyone else assumed she was dead for a whole decade, before she was found in captivity and brought back to the United States. When she arrived, she was struggling with an abdominal wound that wouldn’t close, courtesy of a bomb (of course), which Meredith Grey fixed with an extremely rare abdominal wall transplant.

Megan began to grow impatient with the lengthy post-surgery healing process because it prevented her from returning to the Middle East to retrieve her adopted son, Farouk. That’s when Riggs, with a lil push from Meredith, made the grandest grand gesture by flying across the pond to find Farouk and bring him back to the U.S. With the fam together and safely in the States, Riggs and Megan made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles (pull an Addison Montgomery, much??).

We can’t believe Henderson didn’t exit the show with a shocking death, as most of Rhimes’s characters do, but it’s probs because he’ll be back again soon. Henderson told Deadline“If the opportunity came in the future with an interesting storyline, I’d be happy to explore. I definitely feel connected to Shonda and am grateful for the opportunity she has given me.”

Meanwhile, what the hey is in store for Mrs. Scott? We know her character is named Jenny and… that’s about it. In classic Shondaland fashion, few details have been released, but we can imagine she’ll either be a doctor or a patient. We’re gunning for a doctor role a) because we could not deal with the emotions of seeing Haley Scott fall ill and b) because we have a feeling she’d be a rill good fit for one of the many hot bachelor doctors spending their nights in the on-call rooms (read: Jackson Avery).

This news comes on the heels of long-time cast member Jason George’s (a.k.a. Ben Warren) exit. George is leaving Grey’s for the still untitled spinoff about the Seattle Fire Department. Never fear! Lenz isn’t the only fresh face we’ll see in the coming eps—a whole crew of new interns are about to arrive and, while no one could ever replace George (R.I.P.), we’re pretty excited for the shake-up.

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