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Hype tells you where to go online for the best blogs

Best in Blog
Hype tells you where to go online

Video Star Or Video Democracy
It’s a free-for-all at www.videosantville.com where anyone can sign up and post a video. The result? An online vista for new directorial talent and goldmine for videophiles.

Photo Op
See the world through the eyes of T.O photographer Sam Javanrough at www.topleftpixel.com. A digi photo per day is posted capturing his daily experiences.

In a nutshell: Haute hearsay and gauche gossip rule this cyber roost.
The focus: Celebs of all kinds have their comings and goings monitored by eTalk regular Elaine “Lainey” Lui.
Of note: a gossip guide that lists Lainey’s loves (namely, Gwyneth Paltrow) and loathes (including Sharon Stone)

In a nutshell: Don’t be fooled by the name; F&Art—written by an acute stylista named Maret—touts itself as a subjective guide to fashion and art.
The focus: A magaholic by nature, Maret scours the newsstand for musings sur la mode.
Of note: to-the-point breakdowns of Artforum covers and Vogue fashion features

In a nutshell: Man-about-town Tommy Ton gives his two cents (sometimes five) on the Canadian fashion scene in an easy-to-navigate bunch of pages.
The focus: Ton highlights fashion “it” girls, boys, bags and buys.
Of note: Ton’s “most wanted” top-five fashion items for the fall season

In a nutshell: fashion news for stylistas who think they know it all
The focus: Whether it’s rumours of Demi Moore playing Coco Chanel in a future film or behind-the-catwalk coverage of NY fashion week, Coolchiq is on the job.
Of note: the snappy headlines (“Impractical, Improvisional & Totally Irresistible”) that crown each entry
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In a nutshell: a very personal online guide to urban travel for the urban set
The focus: The site provides hilarious mini-synopses of travel articles and features honest travel reviews, all c/o editor Chris Mohney and his band of flighty men and women.
Of note: The “view by city” index allows you to get real, raw opinions on tourist traps.

In a nutshell: celeb scandals, pop-cult shockers, unofficial Whitney Houston updates
The focus: the TomKat shams, Nicole Richie’s waistline and L. Lo (Lindsay Lohan)
Of note: the Premium Pink section, where you can read excerpts from fab authors such as Augusten Burroughs

In a nutshell: This site delivers full-on sensory overload with dish behind the dishes Mario Batali and Martha Stewart slave over. Low-carb dieters, beware.
The focus: food, Parisian style
Of note: The Bloxicon—a virtual dictionary of table terms such as chichi (a rectangular doughnut sold in Marseilles, not a fashion statement)—keeps fans coming back for seconds and thirds.

In a nutshell: The black art of blogging via the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media,” Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira). He brings celeb-bashing cattiness to a Picasso-esque plateau.
The focus: dissing and deconstructing tabloid heroes and villains in a drag-queen-like tone
Of note: A section called The Latest usually scoops the tabs with its stories of distressed stars.

In a nutshell: visual wit for the artsy-fartsy types out there; winner of two 2006 Bloggies, including Weblog of the Year
The focus: Homemade postcards are sent in from newfound artists around the world. Each card contains written confessions.
Of note: Some of these cyber objets d’art were featured in the “Dirty Little Secret” video by rock band The All-American Rejects.

In a nutshell: Webmaster Matthew Perpetua knows, lives and loves his music. From actor-cum-singer Brittany Murphy to alt-rock idols The Oohlas, Perpetua dissects the latest, greatest songs for his adoring cyber public.
The focus: bands and singers that pull away at his heartstrings
Of note: You actually get to hear most of the tunes reviewed and decide if they’re good enough to buy.
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