What's Canada's Fave Modern Christmas Song?

So. Many. Choices.

Mariah Carey in a red dress and fur stole

(Photo: Getty Images)

Think of a super successful musician, any super successful musician. Have they recorded a Christmas album? I mean, probably—everyone from Mariah Carey to Lady Gaga to your favourite 90s boyband has done it, and they all follow a similar template. The album cover prominently features red, snowflakes and/or sexy Santa outfits, the tracklist consists mostly of covers of classic Christmas songs (maybe “White Christmas,” likely “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” definitely the most-covered Christmas song ever, “Silent Night”) and, if we’re very, very lucky, there’s an original tune that will soon become a classic itself. I mean, is it even the holiday season without “All I Want for Christmas Is You”? I’m being very objective when I say, it is not.

In fact, those pop Christmas songs are the ones I want to talk about rn. So not “The Christmas Song” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”—which, okay, are the pop Christmas songs of the 40s and 50s. (And forget about the kinda rapey “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” which was recently pulled from several Canadian radio stations, entirely.) Instead, let’s talk about original tunes by artists like the Biebs, Wham! and Ariana Grande. Which one is Canada’s favourite? To find out, weigh in on our highly scientific list, below. Use the drag-and-drop tool below to make your list. Each submission will contribute to our user-generated consensus ranking.

(Side note: I am including the patronizing and, frankly, racist “Do They Know It’s Christmas” under duress. By 1970, there were upwards of 113 million Christians throughout Africa. Of course “they” knew it was Christmas in 1984. Smdh.)


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