Bella Hadid Sneaker Shopping with Complex and "Homeboy Can Get It" Memes Are a Gift

In a word, they're dope

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Hey hello hi, a video of Bella Hadid shopping for sneakers with Complex magazine is here to make your morning/day/life. To be one-hundo-p clear, we love Bella around these parts. She’s a really hard-working model who seems genuinely grateful for all her success and like an all-around stand-up gal and super loyal sister. Yes, she is also stun-ning. All of these truly jealousy-inducing qualities make her cringe-worthy Complex interview that much more entertaining and—because she is Bella Hadid and possesses magical powers mere mortals will never comprehend—against all odds, even charming?

Between the robotically delivered “let’s get it” and “if homeboy’s coming through with these…” and the dozen-or-so “dopes,” the way she chats with Complex host Joe La Puma about sneakers just feels stiff, lacking in authenticity and, dare we say, a tad manufactured. And it’s not like she doesn’t necessarily know about sneakers because it sounds like she’s a genuine fan, we just wish she sounded more like… herself when talking about them. The internet agrees and is having a field day, with one astute Twitter user even likening Bella to what an undercover cop might sound like. LOL.

Bella has also unknowingly created the “homeboy’s gonna, like, get it” memes we never knew we needed: 

Is Bella Hadid all of us, trying to keep up with lingo we don’t really use in our daily lives? Was she just really nervous and isn’t supes comfortable on-camera yet? Or is she actually in on the joke and trolling us so hard? Scientists may never know. Until then, enjoy the full video of Bella Hadid on sneakers for the truly precious, perfect gift that it is:

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