Beauty Icon #TBT: Annie Lennox

annie-lennox 2Original images from HiLobrow, Eurythmics-Ultimate, Rolling Stone, Coolspotters, unknown, cover art.

Written by Alex Brown

Bold red lips, strong, dark eyebrows, and one signature white-blonde pixie cut that has defied the status of age: these are just a few of the many shades of Annie Lennox. Like lovers do, we’ll tribute her beauty with awe and admiration—perhaps even travel the world (and the seven seas) for a look into what’s behind that something about Annie.

Whether it was breaking the divide between sexes with her sultry androgyny or singing us to sleep in a rich contralto, the Eurythmics lead vocalist packaged it all in a look worthy of the piqued interest that followed for over 30 years, and counting.

In the eighties, she sided with David Bowie-inspired technicolour eyeshadows, face paint, heavy black eyeliner, and a bright orange buzz cut. Paired with a uniform of power suits and leather-clad stage ensembles, by the nineties, she was a full-blown flamboyant icon. As the decade went on and moved into the early oughts, fans were introduced to a whole new Annie, au natural. Her appearance narrowed down to two simple points of envy: those voluptuous lips and a naturally platinum blonde coif.

With a career spanning over three decades, the woman formerly referred to as “the British Blondie” has long since shed any preexisting comparisons—because, really, there is no other. Trust me when I say she’s a fierce beauty with no living competition. Would I lie to you?