WTF Is 'Barbie Feet' and Why Is Everyone on IG Doing It?

As with many other Instagram trends, the Kardashians can be credited for kicking this one off

If you haven’t noticed, everyone on your Instagram feed is looking *legit* 8 feet tall lately. Which leaves us with one question: why?

It’s all thanks to the latest Instagram craze known as “Barbie feet,” a term that was coined by Who What Wear to pay homage to Barbie dolls, whose famously pointed feet are *always* ready to slip on a pair of steeply-angled plastic heels.

The pose involves hyperextending a single foot or both—as though you’re wearing a pair of invisible heels—while standing or sitting, though Yahoo Style UK suggests that only “experts” can master a standing double.

kamp kourtndall

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The Queens of IG—a.k.a. the Kardash-Jenner clan—brought mega attention to the trend at the end of May, when Kourtney Kardashian posted an Instagram photo featuring little sis Kendall (and her odd tan lines), Jordyn Woods and half of the musical duo Simi and Haze. Of the eight feet in the photo, five appear to be wearing some version of Barbie feet. And while Jenner, Woods and the musician opted for a single foot, Kourt took a different stance with both of her heels raised.

With the pose promising to add a couple inches to your height (when standing) and make your legs appear *miles* long, the Barbie feet trend has lasted well into the summer months—and other celebs have adopted the stance. In July, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell lounged on a chair in the fiercest way possible while she “waited for the delivery guy” in Ibiza—again, showing us another pair of Barbie feet.


Waiting for the delivery guy felt a little fancier in Ibiza…

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But the trend goes even further back than the Kardashians—Lea Michele rang in the New Year with her own rendition as she enjoyed a *gorg* view while on vacation. (That said, Barbie feet are awfully confusing for this supposedly “candid” pic—I mean, she could defs see over that railing without standing on her tippy-toes, but you do you Lea.)


Nothing like fresh air and this gorgeous scenery to start off this New Year

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As with all trends, IG influencers and regular old users are now following in these celebs’ highly-arched footsteps with their own Barbie feet poses—which is why your feed is especially gazelle-like these days. To be honest, we’re surprised that this trend continues to have… legs, but here we are.


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