Bachelor Alert! 10 Things You *Need* To Know About This Season's Villain

Since Corinne dramz has basically taken over Bachelor Nation, did a little digging on the girl we love/hate/love to watch every Monday night. Here’s everything you need to know about the Bachelor vill—including a not-so-chic music vid cameo and the fact that she's a Paris Hilton fangirl (FULLY approve)

1. Her “multi-million dollar business” is a floor-coating company, and (as we suspected) she does not own it

The multi-million dollar company that Corinne owns helps her parents run is a coating and flooring supplier called Armor Garage. She works in sales.



2. She also does some modeling and acting on the side

When Corinne isn’t busy running her multi-million dollar business working in sales and eating Raquel’s famous cheese pasta, she does some casual modeling and acting. According to her Explore Talent profile she has a “passion for modeling, acting and singing and will blow you away across the board.” She’s reportedly done a Nike campaign, some lingerie and swimsuit modeling and a pilot for a TV show.

Bachelor Villains: Did You Know Corinne also acts and models?


3. She was in a Juicy J and 2 Chainz music video

This is not a drill people—Corinne is that messed up girl at the party (sounds like the Corinne we all know and love) in the 2011 “Zip & A Double Cup” music video by Juicy J and 2 Chainz, and we have proof!! This is srsly something you need to see for yourself because it’s just way too good—she comes in around the 1:48 mark. You can thank us later. Her talent page also says she’s worked on music videos with—in her words, and spellings: “Pitpul, Akon, DJ Kahled and Lil Jon.”

4. She quoted Paris Hilton in her high school yearbook

“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in” was Corinne’s high-school yearbook quote. In all seriousness, we give her top marks for this.



5. Raquel *technically* isn’t her nanny

Social media blew the eff up after we all watched Corinne tell the girls about her nanny—the sweet lady who cuts her cucumbers slices and makes her bed every day. So Corinne took to Twitter to explain the whole nanny situation. Her tweet (which has since been deleted) read, “Everyone needs to relax about the nanny thing. Raquel is part of my family so calling her a housekeeper or cleaning lady is disrespectful.” While we’re on the topic we should also mention that someone has actually started a Free Raquel Fund and it’s kind of hilarious.



6. Her nickname is “Corn”

So that means if you’re routing for Corinne (??) you’re on #teamcorn—as we discovered from her Insta. Confession: we’re kind of digging that bodysuit.

Bachelor Villains: Did You Know Corinne's nickname is Corn?


7. She loves Kaitlyn and Shawn

During an interview before taping the show, Corinne told Glamour that Kaitlyn and Shawn are her all-time fave Bach couple (samesies). “I think they are so cute, and I love what they do on social media…they do a lot of fun stuff,” she said. Safe to say Nick probs doesn’t agree with her on this one.

Bachelor Villains: Corinne's favourite Bachelor couple is Shawn and Kaitlyn


8. She submitted herself to the show

Most Bachelor contestants claim that “a friend” submitted them. But Corinne signed herself up and doesn’t care who knows it. She told Glamour, “I just submitted a picture and wrote a little paragraph, like whatever. Next thing I know, bing! Here I am!”



9. She has a few turn-offs

In the same Glamour interview she said she doesn’t tolerate smoking or getting really, really drunk all the time (hmmmm…?)



10. Whether you like it or not she’s probably going pretty far in the show

Night one make outs, topless photo shoots, trench coats and whipped cream, bouncy castle playtime—Corinne has certainly made an impression on Nick and so far he seems v. v. into it. We don’t think she’ll win, but our instincts (and the season’s sneak peek) tell us she’s probs going to get preeetty far. Olivia Caridi, last season’s vill and member of #teamcorn, has even said herself she thinks Corinne will make it farther than she did and will definitely get a hometown date.

Have to admit we’re guilty on that one, Olivia.

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