5 Things We Learned From Us Weekly’s Bachelor Issue

Ex-wives, past hookups and even a DJ Khaled connection: Here are the 5 top things we learned about the Bachelor contestants' hidden pasts from this week's Us Weekly

Bachelor secrets we learned from this week's Us Weekly

bachelor secrets

Bachelor secret #1: An ex-wife of Nick’s friend tried out for the show.

According to Us, she didn’t make the cut.

Bachelor secret #2: Corinne’s “multi-million dollar business” is a floor-coating company.

You may remember Corinne saying she’s taking over her dad’s multi-million dollar business. Well, we learned that this business is a floor-coating company that specializes in garages.*

*We also learned that people coat the floors of their garages.

Bachelor secret #3: Corinne has appeared in music videos for DJ Khaled and Pitbull

According to a (kinda judgy sounding, TBH) source who knew her as a teen, “She has always been out of control.”  The source also said Corinne loves the Miami clubbing scene and is often seen flirting with celebs in VIP.

Bachelor secret #4: Our fave Canadian, Vanessa Grimaldi, almost dropped out before filming.

According to Us, Grimaldi’s grandfather passed away a few weeks before the show was set to start shooting. Her family and friends encouraged her to do it anyways.

Bachelor secret #5: Jasmine slept with one of Nick’s friends before filming.

Jasmine Goode, the one who brought Neil Lane to her limo entrance, allegedly slept with one of Nick’s friends before filming the show. According to Us, we can expect some drama about this later on.

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