Bachelor Nick Viall on Canadian Girls & Starting Over With a Clean Slate

We chatted with Bachelor Nick Viall about his fourth shot at love before the show debuts on Omni on January 2. (Spoiler alert—he found it!)

Bachelor Nick Viall is a lucky guy, at least looking at the list of lovelies starring in this year’s season. Earlier this week, our newest rose-bestower participated in a media call to chat all things Bachelor Nation. Given our maj love for the businessman-turned-professional Bachelorette contestant-turned-part-time model, we jumped on the call to ask a few questions of our own. Some things we learned while talking to Nick: he hasn’t let being ‘The Bachelor’ go to his head, he loves a girl with confidence and he doesn’t have time for BS—he immediately shut down any Q’s regarding tabloid rumours (like breaking up with Jen to become the Bachelor). And while he made sure to keep any spoilers under wraps, the hunky bachelor made it clear that he has no regrets from his season of The Bachelor and hinted that he “definitely found love.”

Read on for more from the interview with Nick.

We know there are two Canadians on your season: how would you say Canadian girls are different from American girls? Have you ever been to Canada?

I have been to Canada! I think it’s a lovely place. I’ve met a lot of Canadian women, Kaitlyn was Canadian too, and I think Canadians are wonderful. They seem to be lighthearted, nice people with a great sense of life. I’ve always enjoyed the company of Canadians.

In your past experiences with Bachelor Nation you’ve always been the one fighting for the girl. What’s it like being on the other side of things—getting to date 30 beautiful women and ultimately being in the driver’s seat for a change?

I mean I have no complaints. I suppose it’s better, but at the same time it’s one of those grass is always greener type of things. I’m a one-woman guy so dating multiple women is hard. I certainly felt fortunate for the opportunity but it can be very difficult. It’s something I wasn’t used too and I don’t know if I’ll ever want to be used to it. But I suppose it was nice to change it up a bit.

You’re friends with a lot of people from Bachelor Nation. Can we look forward to any guest appearances on your season?

I can’t really say…but on the first night I do get advice from some former Bachelors—Ben, Chris, two of my good buddies and the one and only Sean. They gave me some advice and I’m very thankful for it.

Bachelor Nick Viall


If you could have had a contestant from any other season of The Bachelor come onto your season, who would you have wanted it to be?

Interestingly enough when I was asked to be the Bachelor, you know, I felt very lucky to have met a lot of people in my life (a lot of those people being women) and the women that I dated I felt very fortunate to have them in my life, but as the Bachelor I think I just wanted a clean slate. All the people that I had met in my life were great, but obviously none of them I felt at that time were someone that I wanted to potentially spend the rest of my life with. So I was really looking forward to meeting new women and seeing where that could go.

Going into The Bachelor what exactly were you looking for in a woman—would you describe your perfect woman as somewhat of a combo of Andi and Kaitlyn? 

As far as Andi and Kaitlyn, they’re both great women and they certainly have a lot of great qualities. And as much as I did care for those women in the past, I was also very thankful that it didn’t work out. There’s no denying I’ve always been attracted to women with strong personalities and a lot of confidence, women who are intelligent and willing to be my partner. I have a big personality and I push back a lot with people that I respect and trust, and I want someone to be comfortable enough with me to do that. I want to be with a woman who feels empowered. That was the same when I went on Andi’s season, Kaitlyn’s season and when I went on Paradise. And in terms of those core qualities that I’m looking for in women, that has never changed and never will.

You’ve said before that people have a lot of misconceptions about you—did you go into your first night on The Bachelor hoping to clear up any of those misconceptions?

I certainly didn’t go into the evening wanting to clear up any misconceptions, but at the same time I went into that evening pretty used to being apart of Bachelor Nation and people having a variety of opinions about me. So I was certainly aware that some of the women on night one could have opinions about me. I’m someone who likes transparency and I want to be in a relationship where people are up front and open about any questions or concerns they have, so I always invited that not only night one but throughout the season. I wanted to make myself available to the women to feel comfortable enough with me to ask me any questions they might have had or concerns that they had when getting to know me.

How has your day-to-day life changed since you joined Bachelor Nation?

Not too much, I’m a big believer in not forgetting where you come from and it’s really important to me not let it change my life. I don’t take myself anymore serious than I did before, I don’t think I’m anymore special than I ever did before, and it’s important to me to just stay grounded. But if I get recognized and someone wants to take a picture or say “hi” I feel very fortunate to have that surreal moment and that’s never lost on me. I always want to be appreciative of those moments.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned since appearing on three Bachelor Nation shows?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Nick’s highly anticipated season of The Bachelor premieres January 2 on Omni. Follow @FLAREfashion‘s live tweets while you watch, then head on over to FLARE.com the next day for Sharleen Joynt’s always on-point recaps.

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