Bachelor in Paradise’s Carly Waddell and Evan Bass Just Got Hitched!

The Season 3 couple made it official on Saturday, the same day Evan published a very long, very emotional essay on the Season 4 scandal

Bachelor in Paradise wedding: Newlyweds Carly Waddell and Evan Bass (shown her) met on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise

Newlyweds Carly Waddell and Evan Bass met on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise (Photo: Getty)

The last couple standing from Bachelor in Paradise Season 3—RIP Grace—got married in Mexico on Saturday.

According to Us Weekly, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell made it official “in front of family and friends in a ceremony that is set to air on ABC later this year.”

The wedding was supposed to be broadcast as part of this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, but because of the season 4 shutdown, it’ll now likely be a standalone special.

Also on Saturday, Bass—an erectile dysfunction specialist and father of three who appeared on JoJo Fletcher’s season—published an passionate op-ed in the Hollywood Reporter, begging ABC not to cancel Paradise.

In the seemingly heartfelt (and quite lengthy) piece, he credits the show for leading him to “personal redemption, lifelong friends and the woman of my dreams… [and] guiding me to an incredible stepmother to my own children.” He also says it made him a better dad and better man.

Bass then continues on to voice his support for the show’s producers, noting they are “always there to help when things get fuzzy,” and that “my friends and I were never once prodded or forced to drink alcohol.” He also says that “the producers I know would never allow someone to do something against their will or get to a place where something bad would occur.” (Apparently, the cast of season 4—according to Bass—blame “rogue ‘newbie’ producers” for manufacturing “something out of nothing.”)

Bass is, of course, entitled to his opinion and he clearly has an insider’s perspective on the show. And it’s great that he (like Wells Adams, who has also spoken out about Paradise in similarly glowing terms) had such a positive experience. But just because Bass found true love with Waddell in Paradise doesn’t mean that an alleged sexual assault also *couldn’t* have happened there, which is what’s frustrating about his take on what he describes as an “unimaginable” situation.

With that said, we do wish Carly and Evan all the best—and we’re grateful that there’s at least an hour or two of Bachelor Nation TV to look forward to post-Bachelorette.

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