All the Bachelor Nation Goss We Learned from Hanging with Robby, Dean, Ben Z and Adam

FLARE spent some time hanging out with the Bachelor in Paradise boys when they were in Toronto—and they spilled a loooot of juice, including the time that Chris Harrison slapped Dean's ass...

Bachelor in Paradise cast members Robby, Dean, Adam and Ben Z

When you are gifted with the opportunity to spend an afternoon with not one, but FOUR Bachelor in Paradise boys, you take advantage of that time, and ask them alllll the questions you’ve been dying to ask.

That’s exactly what FLARE did when we caught up with BiP cast members Robby, Dean, Adam and Ben Z. when they were in Toronto on Friday ahead of their Eligible Magazine Bachelor event at The Everleigh nightclub. Chatting over cocktails and jalapeño-flavoured Cheetos, FLARE got real with the guys about love, new Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr., what really happens in the ocean and that time Chris Harrison slapped Dean’s ass. Yes, apparently that’s a thing that happened.

Here, all the insider gossip that they shared with us, that we are now going to share with you. (Check our full Facebook Live interview with them here.)

Danielle M. and Wells are legit a couple (!) 

Our suspicions were right! Members of Bachelor Nation and IRL friends (they both live in Nashville, Tennessee) Danielle M. and BiP Season 4 bartender Wells are an item. Dean confirmed to FLARE that the two are dating, saying, “Last I heard was that they were boyfriend/girlfriend.”

The couple shared a passionate TV smooch before Danielle left Paradise to go work in Africa, while Wells remained on the island (someone’s got to keep the cast wasted). “They’re actually thinking about moving in together,” added Robby. Our hearts are melting.

Paradise couple Adam and Raven have kept their same, real jobs since filming ended

As so many members of Bachelor Nation leave their jobs behind to find TV love, Adam and Raven are two of the few cast members who went back to their regular work once they finished filming. “Something that’s admirable and unique about those two is that they both kept their jobs from before the show—and you don’t see that often,” Robby told FLARE. “At least not in twos; usually one person gives it up to move [elsewhere].”

“We’ve talked about eventually moving,” Adam said. “At some point she wants to leave her small town that she lives in in Arkansas, but there’s just a lot of logistical moving parts with her job and her business… Now that Paradise is over, we’re just living the normal life that any person does in a relationship.”

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Couples hang in the ocean so they can “talk”

While taking a swim in the ocean is appealing in its own right, the BiP boys told FLARE that the cast goes for a dip when they want to have conversations that aren’t being recorded. “When you get in the water, your microphones are taken off,” Adam explained. “So when you get in the ocean, you’re able to go way out and talk.” The men also revealed (during a game of Never Have I Ever, of course) that they’ve all hooked up with someone in the ocean. WA WA WE WA.

They don’t care about new Bachelor, Arie, TBH

“We’re all pretty neutral,” Dean said of the one-time Bachelorette runner-up-turned-new-Bachelor. “None of us are excited, not of us are bummed…I’m honestly a little upset that it’s not someone we know, because I don’t have an investment in the season now.”

When asked if he would have considered being the next Bachelor, Dean said he would have—if he was asked. Robby also said he would be happy to be the next one looking for love.

Robby lives with the winner of Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette 

“I live with Jef Holm, who won that season,” Robby said. Longtime Bachelor fans will recall Jef from Season 8 of The Bachelorette, when he won Emily’s heart beating runner-up Arie. Emily and Jef were engaged after the show, but called their relationship quits back in 2012 after six months of dating.

Robby revealed that Arie and Jef were once tight, but “don’t talk anymore because of burned bridges.” He went on to tell FLARE, “I’ve heard great things [about Arie] and I’ve heard other things.” So coy… 

Chris Harrison apparently “slapped” Dean

“He slapped me on the ass once,” Dean said. “I was like, ‘Now we’re on that level of friendship, I guess.’ I was blown away; I was like, ‘Oh we’re boys now, alright. Cool.'” This isn’t how we say hi to our friends… 

Bro ties

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Some members of Bachelor Nation are not what they seem on TV

“You see a lot of people in the franchise, and when you meet them, sometimes they are who they are, and sometimes they are completely different,” Ben Z. said. “I wanted to hate Robby when I showed up [on Paradise]” he added. “But I f-cking love this guy.” The four of the men said they are the closest with each other from the show, but are also super tight with Diggy. #BromanceInParadise.

Dean is obsessed with spicy Cheetos 

During our Facebook Live with the guys, we couldn’t help but notice Dean was taking a liking to the jalapeño Cheetos we had on the table. In between answering questions and sipping his cocktail, he helped himself to a few handfuls. But we can’t blame him; he likes to keep things spicy.

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