Bachelor Begins Love Affair With Canada

Bachelor host Chris Harrison answers all of our burning questions about this fall's Bachelor Canada.

Get ready for the most SHOCKING rose ceremony ever!… in Canada. The Bachelor Canada will debut on Citytv this fall with an all-Canadian cast. Chris Harrison, who will celebrate his 10th anniversary as host of the American reality romance this March, joined producers Sean DeVries and Claire Freeland to reveal secrets from the series.

FLARE: What are the bachelorettes going to be wearing? What designers are you going to be working with?

Clarie Freeland: Would you believe that they bring those dresses themselves? I think it’s about getting noticed, right? You want to have a dress for those cocktail parties that you’re going to stand out. And I think that’s why you have a lot of girls who look like they’re going to the prom.

Chris Harrison: When a girl thinks she’s going to get noticed, it’s amazing what she’s going to pull out.

F: Justin “Rated R” Rego is more excited about this announcement than anyone. [The Bachelorette Season Six contestant was revealed to have a girlfriend at home in Toronto while he was on the show.] What are the chances he’s going to be the Bachelor?

Sean DeVries:
Pretty slim! The Bachelor has to have certain characteristics, and one of them has to be a true sincere desire to fall in love. Justin, there would be no question he would get attention. But we want someone who can sustain the whole season. We want two people to find real love.

F: Speaking of Justin Rego, do the contestants have to pass psychological testing?

CH: I know in America they do. And honestly, you have to cover your bases very carefully. They have a person they do an exit interview with, they have someone they can contact if they need anybody. We take care of them all through the process.

F: What do the fans like to ask you?

CH: Why is the driveway wet. On the first night, we hose it down, because it looks good on TV. I think that’s question number one. And, “Where do you find these people?”

The Bachelor Canada will premiere this fall. An open call for Bachelorettes is underway at http://www.citytv.com/bachelorcanada