Avril Lavigne To Present Abbey Dawn Line At New York Fashion Week

The Sk8r girl is set to hit NYFW for the Spring 2012 shows

Abbey Dawn 2

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Abbey Dawn 1

Photo via abbeydawn.com

Avril Lavigne MMVA

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Canadian punkster Avril Lavigne will be presenting her Abbey Dawn line at New York Fashion Week on September 12. Fashionista.com is reporting that the line is expanding to include, dresses, jeans and a full line of accessories—including shoes, bags and glasses—to the current lineup of glamour skull sweatshirts and emo-ish tees.

This is actually not the first time Lavigne’s line has been shown during Fashion Week. The clothes were shown in 2009 and featured lots of tutus, studs, chains and 26-year-old Napanee native’s favourite colour combo, pink and black.

Though it’s hard to call this fashion, Lavigne is definitely playing to her base of young fans who clamour for information on the brand. (Abbey Dawn itself has a 138,000 strong Facebook following). Avril also her videos to market her product lines. In the video for “What the Hell,” the lead single from her latest album, Goodbye Lullaby, the singer spritzes herself with her first scent, Black Star, wears Abbey Dawn studded jewellery and carouses in a vintage clothing store that’s selling What The Hell tees, conveniently available on abbeydawn.com for $10 and up.

Speaking of New York Fashion Week: Keep your eyes peeled for our coverage of the Spring 2012 shows, which get underway on September 8.