August Horoscope


The work-life balance is as hard to maintain as running in five-inch stilettos. Just stay in the moment, take it one step at a time and you may be surprised by where you end up. Late in the month, you’ll take a giant step toward a heart’s desire, be it a creative project or a new and all-consuming romance. Enjoy some quality time late in the month, when opportunity strikes.


Have to think twice to remember what a weekend is? You may long to call a halt to the overwork-for-hire thing, but demanding types will have different plans for you. Which is not to say you can’t ask for more money and recognition. Respite comes on the barbecue circuit, where friends provide ample opportunity for tearing it up.



That volcano you and your partner have been dancing around is about to blow. Before it does, there’s a lot of dust in the atmosphere clouding your judgment. Go with the flow and, by month’s end, you’ll know where your relationship stands. Meanwhile, don’t overthink an important ambition or deadline. Just do it and file it—and move on to greater glory.



With Mars mixing it up in your unconscious zone, you may shoot from the lip. But any resulting explosive situations are avoidable. With Venus onside, you can use charm to disarm anyone. But your main preoccupation is with your finances. If you can stifle your inner worrywart and accent the positive, you just might end up cashing an unexpected cheque—literally or figuratively.


Both your career and your personal life get a celestial boost, which might mean getting a promotion and attending (or throwing) a few barbecues. Still, as you clock a million miles on the elliptical, you begin to wonder if you’re getting anywhere. Rather than leaping into a new routine that impacts your health or the way you work, take it slow. You’ll find making small changes now will prove life-altering down the line.



Will he, or won’t he, join your dance? Instead of finagling your current squeeze onto the floor, consider sitting it out for a while. A little distance will make your hearts grow fonder; and, anyway, it’s time you put in more hours at work. Clocking do-good time is also in order, so switch your mind-set to global thinking. You can discover new passions—in more ways than one.



Put away your boots and whip; you can (and should) use a different strategy this month. You only have to try a little tenderness to find you can finesse most things. This is especially true on the home front, where the honeyed approach puts you in sync with your partner. The sun stokes your career late in the month; you’ll be primed for success, so get ready to see and be seen.


Sometimes work is play and play is work. This month, divide the two if you want to conquer the business world. Those in the executive suite should take time from the golf game to eye your progress, so man the cubicle. But enjoy every minute of vacation time due, if only a weekend or two, before they notice you’re gone. With lunar cycles impacting your travel sphere, romance is best enjoyed on the fly.



Your financial ticker tape will bring news that’s really good—or really not. Whichever, you’re overreacting to what may be fleeting. Instead, work on big ideas that will bring bigger results. Meanwhile, while the fireworks on the professional front will prove more entertaining than threatening, your love life hits new heights.


Mars sends lightning bolts to your self-expression and creativity. With other planets to ground you, you could pull off a huge personal success. It could also mark the sudden ending or beginning of a relationship, and either way will prove in your best interests. Though distant shores beckon, shun travel late in the month—explosive situations could make for an unpleasant ride.


Mars triggers a major shake-up around your home turf. What will be sweet: renovating, moving and getting others to do the heavy lifting—not to mention rumpling the good sheets. If you can maintain perspective on your partner, this is one of the best times of the year for meeting (and/or keeping) your true love.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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