We're Falling Hard: Meet Your Next Europop Crush, Astrid S

Could this 20-year-old pop star be the next Robyn?

Astrid S, an up-and-coming pop star, floating in a blue pool while wearing a bright red coat

(Photo: Stian Andersen)

Seriously, what is in the Scandinavian water? We’re pretty sure it contains a lot of talent, chiseled cheekbones and the voices of angels… because Norway has given rise to another new pop sensation: Astrid S.

At just 17, Astrid S dropped out of high school to pursue a career in music. Now, at 20, the artist is wracking up the awards: in 2015, she won a Norwegian Grammy for Newcomer of the Year and an MTV EMA Award for Best Norwegian Act, and now she’s up for another MTV EMA award this November. Some are saying Astrid S reminds them of a young Robyn—and we can’t help but agree.

After signing with Universal in 2015, Astrid S released her first alt-R&B single “2AM”. This killer beat snowballed into some sick collaborations, like “Waiting for Love” with Avicii. To create the dark, nocturnal sound of “Hype,” she teamed up with Norwegian producer Lido (who’s also worked with The Weeknd, Banks and Bastille).

And then there’s her recent collaboration with Shawn Mendes. Swoon. We’re expecting nothing but big things to come from her rising star. Anyone else hoping for a future collab with The Weeknd?

If you’re crushing like us, here are six more things you need to know about our new favourite, Astrid S.

1. She learned to play piano at 6 years old

2. She started writing her own music as a young teen (P.S. she is an amazing live performer)

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3. She hinted that a new single might be coming soon

4. She’s collaborated with Avicii, Flume and Shawn Mendes

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5. She won track of the year in 2015 and 2016 for her hits, “Hurts So Good” and “2AM”

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6. She’s also really funny and down to earth


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