“The Greatest Choice I Made:” Ariel Winter on Having a Breast Reduction

The Modern Family actress is done with big boobs, back pain and body shaming, thank you very much

One year after her breast reduction surgery, Ariel Winter, 18, is feeling great—and says she’s done listening to anyone who criticizes her body.

When she was 12, the Modern Family actress went from flat-chested to a D-cup almost overnight. Not only did it cause her neck and back pain, but she struggled to find age-appropriate clothes that fit her body and was scrutinized by the media for looking overly sexualized. “If I went to the Emmys, or if I even went to the grocery store, there would be an article the next day being like ‘Ariel Winter [had] her boobs out at this event!’” she tells Self in a new interview. “Just really negative things that weren’t helpful for me.”

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But she was also attacked by trolls on Instagram who called her “fat, and ugly, and a slut.” In the Self interview, Winter says the worst comment was under a picture of herself and her nieces on a family vacation, which said she was “asking for it” in her bathing suit.

“That really disturbed me, and made me incredibly upset,” she continues. “I really had to stand up and make it a point to fight back against people who were not only body shaming, but also slut-shaming…taking aim at people that weren’t doing anything wrong and making comments that were so harmful and distressing for absolutely no purpose.”

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After years of discussing her back and spine problems with doctors, Ariel decided to get her breast size reduced from 32F to 34D early last year. She turned up at the SAG Awards wearing a backless Romona Keveza gown that showed her new scars and posed for Self in a pair of jeans and strategically-placed blanket. She tells Self that the surgery is “honestly the greatest choice I made…[The morning after] I was sitting there ordering a bunch of new clothes for myself, because I was so excited about it.”

“I recommend it for everybody—all women that have thought about it and have suffered from having really large breasts and have back problems and just don’t feel right in their own skin.”

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