Excuse Us, But Is Ariana Grande Low-Key Hilarious?

We see you, girl

Ariana Grande in a black lace top and choker smiles and waves

(Photo: Getty Images)

Ariana Grande is probably not known in most circles as a comedian. Amazing singer? Yep. She with the highest, most swingy ponytail? Of course. Lover of white platform boots? Indeed. On a *less* cute note, that pop star who was caught on camera licking a donut and shit-talking America? Sadly, yes. I mean, surely her diehard fans know she’s more than all of these things but hi, as a casual Arianator, it just kinda clicked for me that she’s pretty freakin’ funny and I’m here! For! It!

So what prompted this change in perception? Well, Ari just responded to the Great Stool Mystery of 2017 with a single tweet and it made this gal LOL because I felt like I was seeing the pop queen not take herself too seriously for the first time. Or rather, that she was being particularly funny and likely wasn’t even trying.

In case you missed it: people are trying to recreate the perched-precariously-on-a-stool cover pose from Grande’s My Everything album cover—with some failing pretty epically—leading many to conclude there was some Photoshop at work in the original pic. The tweets are gold and if you need a pick-me-up, might I suggest you peruse this chain (and yes, peops are even calling it “ariana grandeing,” which rules).

In honour of her lesser-known comedic talent, here are a few more times Ariana Grande was so funny it was damn near iconic:

When she impersonated Jennifer Lawrence (and even J-Law called it “spot-f-cking-on”)


When she dodged Elsa Hosk’s angel wing at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret fashion show and a meme was born


When she did a mind-bogglingly good impression of Celine Dion on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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