The Montreal band closes out an incredible 3-days of music in Chicago

Courtesy of Lollapalooza 2010

There’s no better way to say it—Arcade Fire was on fire at Lollapalooza tonight. The 7-piece Montreal band closed out the 3-day festival with a stunning set.

They rarely play insider fave “Crown of Love” live, but with a special dedication to The National, lead singer Win Butler took the piano keys and delivered an incredible rendition. Many new tracks from their newly released album “The Suburbs” also got play time. Butler even noted to the crowd that while it was intimidating to test drive new tunes, he was overwhelmed by the audience’s response. They sang along at full force, clapped, screamed, danced, and generally partied as the band worked hard trading instruments, wailing away and having the time of their lives.

Once the encore track began and “Wake Up” took shape, the air was truly thick with sound and adoration.