April Horoscope


What’s keeping you up nights? Perhaps a few lurking job fears, but mostly a desire to party like it’s now or never. Easy does it—after all, (a) tomorrow always comes, and (b) there’s a limit to even your great stamina. Fortunately, you’re more grounded by month’s end, as you begin to mine new depths of awareness and aspiration. Expect to glean a fresh set of goals in the weeks ahead, one of which will prove pure gold.


True, friends and coworkers get on your nerves these days. But that’s no reason to shoot from the lip! Since many of your barbs hit more deeply than intended, try blunting your remarks with a little tact. Your sharp wit could help you attract an active and consuming new relationship. But as much as a spring fling will refresh your spirit, do remember to reserve plenty of downtime for yourself.


Time to refurbish the ole shell. A few cool new accessories might be just the thing to spruce up your abode. And, since you’re creative enough to find caviar solutions on a burger budget, you might even opt for an extreme makeover. Plus, you’ll still have time to make some new inroads on your career track this month. Lay the groundwork for a promotion with a spiffy new résumé and some strategic schmoozing.

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Unfailing optimism? Check. Big plans for the future? Check. Patience to see them through? Needs work! But with a little less improv and more careful choreography, you’ll come up with the winning combination. Meanwhile, waltzing through the international departure gate will ease your restless spirit. So would meeting a friend of a friend, which could be the start of something thrilling. Give it a whirl.



Have you been slighted at work? Speak up! Want more attention? Let him know! Now is the time to not only assert yourself but experiment with a little sass. What with that more-positive financial outlook, you have the confidence to take small risks all around. Just don’t do anything to jeopardize what you have with someone close. By month’s end, you’ll know if this relationship is the one for you.



Stop helping others pick up their cues and indulge your drama-queen side. Go on, dazzle ’em! A planetary pileup thrusts romance and your creative outpourings centre stage, so make the most of both; just don’t phone in sick when you’re not, as your playacting won’t fool anyone. And a few early nights would do you some good, too—you’ll have a much clearer take on the big picture.



Wait—did he say he wants a formal commitment or to reformat your hard drive? With straight answers so elusive now, best hold off on the quick trip to Vegas. Your working life can be more carefree than you think, but only if you’re willing to go with the flow. Though higher-ups are (maddeningly) vague about where you stand, you can sail right through with little effort. You might even make that getaway you’ve been promising yourself.


Over the past two months, you’ve surged so far ahead of yourself that you’ve fallen behind. Well, there’s no time like the present to not only catch up but also tie up loose ends, on the job and off. That’s not to say it’s all drudgery. There will be more than one chance to get behind the velvet rope—literally and figuratively—to lounge with a VIP, even if he’s only got that status in your heart.



Strap on your highest heels and stand tall. It’s time to plant your flag about a career ambition, seal a new deal or reinforce your present position. Just be careful what you let slip over an after-work ’tini; it could come back to bite you. Occasional ditziness is less about spring and more about avoiding a difficult emotional situation. Still, you need to put this one to bed before you can wake to something (or someone) new.


It’s a month of extremes, especially if you insist on rushing headlong into things. Make sure you’re a rebel with a cause, as in a constructive outlet for your passionate beliefs. Once you do, you have cosmic permission to be as wild-eyed and optimistic as you wish. The oasis of sanity this month: the bosom of your family. It’s both comfortable and oddly comforting as someone talks sense about finances and other practical matters.


Now that spring has sprung, you’re raring to go! It will be a case of hurry up and wait for the first half of April, but curb your frustration. After mid-month, you’ll be off and running, perhaps with someone new who can keep the pace. Your finances begin to look not only stable but quite promising. If you exercise your imagination instead of your plastic, you’ll be both stylish and solvent.


By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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